Agarwood Malacensis: Kedah Vs. Kalimantan

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    Salam and hello,

    I have a questions regarding the difference between the agarwood from kedah and kalimantan. I have some kedah grade a agarwood at home and I really like to fumigate my clothes with it. Therefore I was about to buy some better grade agarwood from malaysia, but the pieces I am considering to buy are from kalimantan. I consider myself a oud noob and I dont if the scent profile is the same or equal because its from malaysia and its the same species or if its still different because of the particular regions.



    PS: Really sorry for opening a thread for this questions and I hope I hit the right area to ask.

    PPS: And sorry if the title is misleading
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    Wa alaikom alSalam & welcome to ouddict from my humble opinion they are not same and Kalimantan are huge jungle if you find nice quality and trusted source then go ahead and buy! :)
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