Ouddict Fayre 2018!

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by Habz786, May 20, 2017.

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  1. oudlover

    oudlover Oudologist

    I will be attending the Oud Fayre
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  2. Mandeel AlMandeel

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  3. Ouddict

    Ouddict Administrator

    We now have a date for the Oud Fayre! It will give everyone enough time to prepare and make arrangements and will be held on:

    Saturday, 14th April 2018
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  4. Ouddict

    Ouddict Administrator

    So we now have the Fayre confirmed for two weeks from now exactly. Can interested persons PM or @Habz786 for further details.

    We have people coming from the USA and Continental Europe, so if you are from the UK, then there really is no excuse!!!

    Come and experience:

    - The latest vendor offerings from the likes of Imperial Oud and others
    - Bring along some of your private collections
    - Have the opportunity to sample and smell some of the rarest Ouds available
    - Learn about and educate yourselves on the scent notes of different agarwood chips that will be heated at the Fayre
    - Meet your fellow forum members
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  5. Ouddict

    Ouddict Administrator

    Apologies for spamming the threads, but from previous experience, we have noticed that members do not take note of messages on the forum announcement, hence we have had to cover important threads.

    Dear Forum Member,

    We would like to notify you of this year's annual International Artisanal Agarwood Fayre, which will be held between 11am and 6pm in Woking, UK, this Saturday 14th April.

    What is the International Artisanal Agarwood Fayre?
    It is your chance to come and meet forum members as well as experience:

    - The latest offerings from Imperial Oud, La Maison Khenata and Al Hashimi
    - Private collections of Oud oils and agarwood
    - Some of the rarest Oud oils and woods available
    - Scent notes of different agarwood species and grades that will be burned at the Fayre
    - Behind-the-scenes glimpse of the agarwood industry

    Participating Vendors.
    Imperial Oud
    La Maison Khenata
    Al Hashimi (products only, as Malik Al Khadra is unable to travel in time)

    Free Oud Prizes!
    Participating vendors have pledged samples to be given out as prizes during the Fayre!

    No Entry Fee
    Please Note that there is NO CHARGE for entry and if you are from the UK, this is a golden opportunity to seriously expand your experience and knowledge of Oud. We have confirmed attendees traveling from the USA and France, so if you are local, make the effort to come as the rewards are huge.

    Location and Directions.
    By Car: Woking is near Heathrow Airport and off Junction 11 on the M25. Once you exit junction 11 you follow the A320 into Woking.
    By Train: There is a train service from London Waterloo Station that takes 25 minutes to reach Woking. The venue is 10 minutes walk from the station.

    If you would like to attend, please notify Ouddict or Habz786 via PM to receive further details.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Ouddict and Habz786 on behalf of Ouddict Forum Management
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