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The People

Owner: Nadeem (aka Ouddict / Nadeem)

Founders: Habz786, Ouddict 

Administrators: Jensz, Riviera274

Moderators:, Oudlover, Sproaty, Woodland Note


The Founding Principles

Ouddict is a forum dedicated to oud and natural perfumery that was established in July 2016 to allow enthusiasts and artisans to come together and freely discuss their interests on a common platform. In coming together, a community was created to provide a reliable knowledge base for enthusiasts, while allowing artisans to share their valuable insights.


Since its inception, the community has been an open and commercially neutral platform and historically championed consumers, as well as welcoming the established Oud artisans, most of whom responded positively to the emergence of Ouddict and provided unstinting support. Moreover, we have a track-record in helping individuals who wished to set-up artisanal operations of their own.


The establishment of the Oud Fayre mini-conventions in the UK and USA since 2018 have helped bring members of the community together to share their love of Oud and natural perfumery.


Although the Ouddict community is still a nascent and pioneering one, there are several exciting initiatives on the horizon that will greatly expand our membership in the coming years.


Interview with Ouddict

A ten minute interview with the co-founder of Ouddict detailing his journey to Oud, the circumstances around the founding of the Ouddict Community and the philosophy and aims behind it.




Notable Activities

Oud of the Year 

Held every December since 2017, the Oud of the Year is a community-wide poll to find the favourite oils and vendors as chosen by the members of the forum and is the largest vote of its kind in the world.


Artisanal OudFest

The first Artisanal OudFest was held in Woking, UK in March 2018 followed by another in Las Vegas in October that year.  In March 2019, several major vendors from the USA, France, the UK and elsewhere converged in Spitalfields, London for the third Artisanal OudFest.  The Artisanal OudFest is fast on its way to becoming an established date on the olfactory calendar.  


Resident Artisans

Al Hashimi, Al Shareef Oudh, Elixir Attar, HabzOud, Imperial Oud, La Maison Khenata, OudBase, The OudLab, Rising Phoenix, Royal Bengal Ouds, Scent Legends, The Attar Store, Tyson Mortensen


Article Contributors

Sudhir Ahluwalia, Yawar ibn Saeed Al Hindi, Krishnaraj Iyengar, Laime Kiskune, Nuri McBride, Rai Munir

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