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Welcome to Ouddict!

We're so excited to have you here! as a part of this onboarding sequence, we gonna talk you through exactly what Ouddict is all about and what you should be doing.

this is a genuinely special place filled with like-minded oud and natural aromatics lovers all over the world. whether you are a long-time smeller, or just started your olfaction journey, this is the place for you.

there are loads of members going through the exact same trials and tribulations you are on a similar path on a journey. so it's a great place to not only learn from all the resources inside this community but also share your journey with people going through exactly the same things as you.


Ouddict started as a place that allow enthusiasts and artisans to come together and freely discuss their interests on a common platform. it's created to provide a reliable knowledge base for enthusiasts while allowing artisans to share their valuable insights.

this is a community filled with kind, empathetic, and supportive members. 

it's really important to treat other members how you want to be treated. if you see a new member, introduce themself, jump and say hi. or if someone is having a hard time and struggling with issues, show some support in the comments. or even DM them and reach out.

that's what this place is all about. and hopefully that sounds like a good fit for you. we encourage you to visit New Member Introduction and say hello.