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Aa, Rising Phoenix Oils And Woods -

Discussion in 'Pure Essential Oils and Aromatic Woods For Sale' started by KodoKing, May 31, 2020.

  1. KodoKing

    KodoKing Oud Fanatic

    Wood and a few Oils added.

    Hey All,

    Posting some of my less used oils - all are in great condition, stored in a dark temperature controlled box.

    Agar Aroma (Tony Bolton);

    Cambodi Exquisite - 2.4+ grams - $250

    Woods Selection;

    Agar Aura;

    Khao Yai - See Pics - High Quality and Grade - Thai - 10 grams for $200

    Rising Phoenix;

    1970's Vintage Sinking Tani - 21+ grams - $450
    By the gram - $25/gram

    Reasonable offers and partials will be considered.

    Paypal F&F - otherwise please reach out and we can work something out. Pictures are attached, I will gladly provide additional photographs by request.

    Thank you!

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  2. KodoKing

    KodoKing Oud Fanatic

    Removed sold items - willing to do partials on woods.
  3. KodoKing

    KodoKing Oud Fanatic

    Couple new items - reduced pricing.

    If interested, please reach out - let's make a deal.
  4. KodoKing

    KodoKing Oud Fanatic

    Removed sold items - added a few including AA Khao Yai wood - I have about 60 grams available; come and get it while it lasts!!
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  5. KodoKing

    KodoKing Oud Fanatic

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