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Abdul Samad Al-qurashi Taif Rose Oils?

Discussion in 'General' started by Rezwan, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Rezwan

    Rezwan Oud Fan

    Hoping to get me a bottle soon before it's sold out.
  2. hasans1

    hasans1 Oud Fanatic

    I concur that ASO is the best.

    Though ASAQ did produce a real Taif rose before they changed their formulas and made everything authentic. If you can ever find Taif from ASAQ from 2015 and prior, it is incredible quality. Had the 3000 and was amazed at the quality. Also had sample of their bridal which was incredible. Again, they were older version so cannot speak to current version. Though the untrained nose would not notice that it's not Taif (if in fact that is the case, this is the first I'm hearing that their Taif is not real).
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  3. Ouddict

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    I bought the ASAQ Supreme Taif Rose in 2012 during a trip to Madina. It was their most expensive Taif and they claimed that it one some type of award in Taif for the best rose of that harvest. Still have it and I use it to benchmark other Taifs. It’s a superb oil and has that hallmark full-bodied almost light honey heart note that is characteristic of Taif Rose. It compares well with a small sample of ASO Taif rose I have, but I don’t know about their later products. Personally if I were in the market for a Taif Rose today, I wouldn’t touch ASAQ and would opt for ASO everytime.
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  4. Rai Munir

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  5. hasans1

    hasans1 Oud Fanatic

    Beautiful article. Thank you

    "But while a well-stoppered bottle of attar endures for years, perhaps indefinitely, the glory of Taif's roses themselves is ephemeral. Their flowering lasts only the month of April, and each day's harvesting begins at dawn and is over by 7:00 a.m. But during this harvest, open any window in al-Hada or al-Shafa and savor the fragrance that permeates the still mountain air at daybreak. From any vantage point, vistas of pink unfold as the rising sun spills over the ridges."
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  6. 3ammar

    3ammar Whats this Oud About?

    I visited a number of rose distillers in Taif last summer. It was a beautiful experience (if anyone is interested in taking a similar tour after this pandemic subsides, feel free to reach out to me). I tried many different oils. Some of the oils had a sharp quality to them that I did not enjoy as much. Indeed, as one of the brothers mentioned above, some had a light honey heart note that was purely mesmerizing. The best oils I put my nose on came from this distiller: https://wrd-alshafa.com They, too, have won awards for their oils. I'll also add that the owners are some of the most beautiful souls you can meet.
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