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Ajmal oud oils

Discussion in 'Oud Market Trends' started by Al Shareef Oudh, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Al Shareef Oudh

    Al Shareef Oudh Resident Artisan


    "oud oils with additives", is that based on anything?
  2. PEARL salam brother , no one said before that about high end ajmal oils are mixed and many here try it no one said they feel what u say every one try it love it to much the problem many ppl didn't think and believe every lies from Ensar.

    in view days he was attack his friend Adam in Gaharu about his fake oils and lies and wrong distillation and he deleted the post like always also he speak about aku akira and said was filtering by cannabis do u also believe this joke !

    If you have GCMS then you can said that if you don't have that's not fair you just use your idea like other vendors do without any evidence !
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  3. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    I sold some Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh Al Moattaq samples just last week. The buyers loved it. I love it.

    Pearl, any Oud that you feel is " Unwearable Garbage" is okay with me. We are all entitled to our likes and dislikes.

    For sake of fact and fiction, what is fact in your mind, may be fiction in other's minds. Even a GCMS won't change that. Have you tried Kambodi X, I love it, do you?
  4. Habz786

    Habz786 Resident Artisan & Forum Co-Founder

    Salam brothers can we start a new thread for Ajmal Oud Oils and take the topic there so its easy to find. Also i think we need to have a post for GCMS testing and see how that moves
  5. Habz786

    Habz786 Resident Artisan & Forum Co-Founder

    Discussion on Ajmal oud oil products can be continued here
  6. Habz786

    Habz786 Resident Artisan & Forum Co-Founder

    Out of all the top end Ajmal oils which are available to the public i love vintage. This oil has a lovely aged woodsy aroma, notes coffee beans, old books, incense, with a lovely Hindi base. What are your guys views and experiences with Ajmal? As a mass production company consistency was always a question which played on my mind how can they mass produce their high end oils? how can they get batches to smell similar? then again Ajmal do run the Oud monopoly in India and by certain have the raw materials and the master distillers mostly under their thumbs. Can anyone give any deeper information on Ajmals operations?
  7. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Thank you for moving the posts, it's more organized now.

    I find batch variations with Ajmal. I only tried one batch of the exclusive stuff, but no doubt there should be some variation due to the quantity they produce. I have also smelled plastic smells in oils from the top guys. Even strange notes from out of this world. Also, some oils from the top makers make me nauseous if I sniff it too much. Some make me dizzy, I guess you can compare it to sniffing glue. Also, oxidized oils tend to make me feel yucky if sniffed too much. Some oils stink when smelled up close, but are beautiful from a distance. Oud oil is very complex, how you receive it can vary a lot on temperature, indoor/outdoor, morning/night, other scents recently sniffed, your mood, associations, etc.

    To have a good experience with Oud you have to be knowledgeable on when and where and how much plus other factors and intentions. It's a fine art, and if you are having a bad experience, seek advise, don't slam it.
  8. Habz786 I think this link will be so lovely for you


    PEARL well I respect your opinion , but I know many members here try ajmals high ends oils and they are so happy and they buy same your favorite ouds all of them said they are so unique Indian aged oils maybe you feel strange because you buy fresh oils not aged for 10 years and more anyway thanks for review...
  9. jalil

    jalil Oud bully

    I would like to try Ajmal oil so hard :(

    No Ajmal retailer in France or even in Europe...a shame

    What is the best bargain to begin with Ajmal oud?

    Saif al hind? saif al arab? oud atheer? oud moattaq? or what?
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  10. For this limited options best one of them are moattaq but I feel that will not be your Oud style brother jalil
  11. jalil

    jalil Oud bully

    Jazak'ALLAH akhy Mandeel this is what Iam afraid of...Ajmal is clearly on the hindi side.

    Is their any Ajmal oud you smell you think I can like?
  12. Taherg

    Taherg Junior Member

    So the main issue with Ajmal I find is severe inconsistency in their 'high grade' oils. Pricing was very consistent (300-500$/3g) when I visited the exhibition over 15-18 different oils were available (which are not available in any Ajmal store and are even now unavailable as I have asked the main store managers at Ajmal Eternal branch about access to a particular oil.

    One thing which particularly bothered me is when I inquired about the price of an oil called millennium at around 550$/3g, which is their most expensive (alongside ADAM which is a sri lanka). The same exact oil I had smelled at the ETERNAL branch and it was slightly cheaper. When I asked one of the main representatives at the exhibition (the one who invited me to the event and accompanied me for my whole visit) he very awkwardly said 'this is a better version' or if not in those specific words aluded to the fact that this was somehow different although named the same (although still apparently aged for 20 years).

    They had a malay oil which was more expensive (around 50$ or so) than masterpiece and other Hindis, I sent a sample to two reliable vendors who independently attested to the comparatively low quality of that oil (as obvious by smelling) because I sent them a sample of it.

    I think for me, moving ahead I will definitely visit the 2017 exhibition and try to grab the CEO for more face time and querying of the oils. For what its worth I insisted the CEO tell me which of the oils at the exhibition was his favourite...he told me he likes an oil his grandma gave him. I had hoped for a more valuable answer, he could have at least mentioned the most expensive oil there as an encouragement for me to buy it haha ..but he didnt.

    Overall, the clear inconsistency makes me uncomfortable...I would like to think they are all pure but my heart wont let me settle on that.
  13. jalil I recommended for you Vintage and Reserved

    @Taherg for Ajmal in my idea you should think about Indian Oud only because they are professional with that ...
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  14. riviera274

    riviera274 Administrator and Hindi Lover Staff Member

    Today I am wearing Oudh Tharwaan,my first time trying this oil.Only been on for 3 hours and I am getting a very potent Indian scent.Very very similar to an oil I gotten from Mr.Bakshi just a little smoother.As of now I'm not getting any trace of Cambodi just some straight up Indian cant wait to see how this ride turns out
  15. riviera274

    Indian Oud are more stronger character than Cambodian oud even that thing happen with me when I use Ajmal Limited edition 2013
  16. Habz786

    Habz786 Resident Artisan & Forum Co-Founder

    Pearl i'm happy to send you a sample of vintage if you cover the postage drop me a PM
  17. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Yes, the Indian oud notes eclipse the Cambodian ones in LE2013, with Tharwaan, I can pick-up more than the Indian Oud right from the beginning, and I think there is a third or fourth type of Agarwood mixed in.
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  18. peter4ptv

    peter4ptv Member

    In my opinion saying this:


    Is a way out of whack, even Ensar and Taha when ask about in old posts from BN what they think about high end oils from ASAQ/AJMAL what they said was that in their opinion were nothing but cultivated Thai oud nothing special, well I understand them saying that it is a big competition for them, but even they did not say anything about what Pearl is saying like: chemically enhanced, aroma-chemical, unwearable garbage etc…………………

    GLTASN, what you think about the high end AJMAL/ASAQ oud oil?

    I know you have proven that your nose cannot stand any aroma-chemical synthetics.
  19. riviera274

    riviera274 Administrator and Hindi Lover Staff Member

    Im 6 hours in and it seems the Cambodian is trying to peep in but still dominated by the Indian.Most definitely smell of Assam to my nose no Thai anywhere sp far.This bottle has just been opened and Tharwaan has been discontinued for a while so I'm sure scent will change a little as with most my oils plus this my first time wearing.
  20. Al Shareef Oudh

    Al Shareef Oudh Resident Artisan


    wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah akhi

    Thank you for the detailed reply. I respect your view and your humility that you could also be wrong in your impression. When I read your initial post I thought maybe you have tested the oils via GC or headspace.

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