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Al Hashimi Announcements

Discussion in 'Al Hashimi' started by AbasFrag, May 4, 2020.

  1. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner


    Last bottle sold today!

    Thanks to everyone who bought! Enjoy :Inlove:

    We have had several people asking us if we might have some left. Unfortionately when it is sold out = it is gone forever.

    But keep your heads up, still plenty of amazing ouds out there and more to come :)
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  2. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    You guys are awesome !so glad I jumped when I did . Thanks for That one
    A true gem
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  3. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time! Staff Member

    Haha. Glad I got my gram. Slapping myself for not just getting a full bottle with that price. Will look forward to seeing what you guys pull out of aging next :)
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  4. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Thank you so much for all your support dear brother! Really honoured you liked it!

    Haha you always jump in with perfect timing :Roflmao: just the same with Kanz!

    A gram of oil is enough for some time! (Don't forget that you can steal some from your friend @EJayB.. he got more than a bottle :p )
    Very happy you're enjoying it buddy :Inlove:
  5. hedycent

    hedycent True Ouddict

    I don't have any, I swear
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  6. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    My lips are shut (specially about Dilmun and Kilatan) :Speechless:
  7. zeedubbya

    zeedubbya Oud Fan

    It wasn’t me :Whistling:...
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  8. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner


    Ibn Zamrak is sold out! Thanks to all who bought:Inlove:

  9. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    We want more from AL Hashimi !!!!
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  10. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Soon very soon there will be more my friend :D
  11. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Siam II - Sold Out

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  12. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Salaam/ hello everyone!

    A small update from Al Hashimi to the world! But first and foremost a huge THANK YOU for your constant support during these odd times. It is really overwhelming.

    We have sold out several products lately and more are running low. We have one last gram of Maliziya left. Only a few bottles of Kambodi Katheef II and Pontianak X is down to the last 5g jar.

    Now let's focus on the near future :D

    What do you think would happen if you took everything you see in this picture and just extracted it like it is? What if I told you that I already know the answer :) hopefully you'll all be able to know soon too. Stay tuned ;)
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  13. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

    Alaykum salaam....
    Right fingers on the buzzers....like the look of this.......my ears are listening....:praying:
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  14. IntheRedwoods

    IntheRedwoods True Ouddict

    I tried to buy Pontianak X a couple days ago and thought it showed sold out...just ordered now. Can’t wait!
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  15. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner


    Sorry for this inconvenience! I'll send you a pm shortly:)
  16. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Hello and Salaam all!

    Finally some new official wood releases :Inlove:
    While you're at it, don't miss out on Brunei ghattas. It is running quite low! To read more about each one of the releases and for orders please visit www.Alhashimi.com

    1. Kannam Zirai(Cultivated Kinam)

    Notes: That medicinal, bitter, fatty, lactic, herbal, honeyed, tea note. Sinensis

    2. Hue Dagga (Vietnam, Hue jungle)

    Notes: Brown sugar, salted caramel, cream, coffee, cacao, earth, with an array of spices that are familiar to any Viet-Oud lover.

    3. Sabah Ghattas

    Notes: Crackling spices, floral nectar, vanillin, lush forestry, and fresh mint all wrapped up in a deeply sweet honey-resin casing.

  17. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    My wallet does not like this post. :D
    it seems like cultivated kinam is starting to emerge into the oud market. and I think Vietnamese oud at this price is a steal. especially knowing that Al Hashimi only sells high-quality woods.
    is there any chance you guys could shoot more photos of these woods? the photos above are a bit blurry. :Cautious:
    you guys must be spend all the budget on woods rather than buying a nice camera for marketing. :Roflmao::D
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  18. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Hahahahah. @Alkhadra this one is for you :Roflmao:

    I thought you knew us better dear @Taesik Yun .. we take low quality pics so that the costumer thinks the wood looks better in real life. It is all a way of scamming :oops::Devilish:
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  19. Mustafa

    Mustafa True Ouddict

  20. Arsalan

    Arsalan True Ouddict

    There some mention of an oil...Special water distillation...? Or was it my imagination?
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