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Al Hashimi Announcements

Discussion in 'Al Hashimi' started by Alkhadra, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Hainss

    Hainss Whats this Oud About?

    Hope you the best!
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  2. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    Respected brother Alkhadra, those who personally won't be there, like me, how would they come to know about those products.

    Please, design some strategy that the members, who cannot participate there, be updated about those products. For example, you can post those oils here on the Forum on 14th April, etc. Or even now:Roflmao:. Same I do request to all the respectable vendors there.

  3. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Dear respected brother Rai Munir, hopefully our website will be launched very soon, and if not, all the products and their descriptions will be posted here in this thread. :Thumbsup:

    Thank you dear Hainss! Wishing the best for you as well.
    Can't wait to hear your feedback!
  4. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Line up at the UK Agarwood Fayre yesterday :Inlove:

    WhatsApp Image 2018-04-15 at 8.21.16 AM.jpeg
  5. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    Olive green colour:handok:. Th king one, placed in the center. Beautiful.
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  6. hasans1412

    hasans1412 Resident Artisan

    @Alkhadra Must say you picked out an amazing brand name to use! especially goes really well to be based in Saudi. May Allah (God) make it a success. By the way, how did the name came about?
  7. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Haha olive green/yellowish color, but the one on the far left is the true king.. :Sneaky:

    Descriptions of all oils coming soon!
  8. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Well, I'm a Hashimi myself, and although I really liked the Alkhadra Oud name, Al Hashimi just sounds nicer and is easier to pronounce and remember. :Roflmao:
  9. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    A small write up on the oils, full descriptions coming soon..

    (Note: Prices listed are for 2.5 gram bottles)

    Tariq (Hindi/Cambodi blend - 2008) - $350
    An oil which demonstrates the power of nature. Primordial, deep black barn, tamed by the emergence of a beautiful underlying dark fruit sweetness after being aged for 9 years.

    Trad (Trat - 2016) - $135
    An oil that showcases the Arabian tradition of blending to create something that is greater than the sum of it's parts. This is an organic Thai that is more complex than your usual fruity stuff. Dark undertones with an Arabesque twist to it, simple unmatched by other cultivated Thais.

    and finally...

    Kanz (Sabah - 2015) - $475
    A treasure, and first of the Kanz Series. Opening with sophisticated and aged velvet steeped in musk. As the top note departs, you're left with smooth Oud liqueur note of which by rights, should not be present in an Oud this young. In time, this oil will become something that will be spoken of in hushed reverential tones, by the fortunate few who will come to own it.

    I have written a two verse poem in dedication:

    و من قال إحداثي كحل باكية، يتلاشى الكل قدام عينيه
    إني كنزَُ من الكنوز الباقية، و كنز فوق ما تملك يديه


    And whoever said my coming was hopeless, all will fade before their eyes
    I am a treasure of what is left of treasures, and a treasure over all his possessions
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  10. Tarik

    Tarik Junior Member

    As salam alaykoum.

    Tariq (Assam - 2008) - 350 $

    And why Tariq ?
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  11. Royalbengalouds

    Royalbengalouds Resident Artisan

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  12. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Wa Alaykm Assalam, it was named after you ;)

    It was named after the great Tariq ibn Ziyad, the freed slave who led the Ummayad armies into Visigoth Spain to defeat Roderic, the last king of the Goths.
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  13. Tarik

    Tarik Junior Member

    Yes bro.

    Gibraltar in Spain is "djabal Tariq".
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  14. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Do you think that'd be a nicer name?? :Whistling: I like the sound of it.. But I like the sound of Tariq. Strong and beautiful name.
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  15. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Ohh Masha'Allah I didn't know this.
  16. Tarik

    Tarik Junior Member

    This is nicest name because ,Allah swear by Tariq in Quran.
    Two meaning you can read it in "tafseer Ibn Kathir "sourate Tariq.

    Tarik ibn Abdelqader (my dad):Whistling:
    This another great man.
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  17. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Subhan Allah brother, yes it is beautiful. Al-Tariq, the illuminating star.

    I guess that makes you Tarik ibn Tarik ibn Abdelqader. May Allah bless both you and your father brother, I am sure he is a great man from your fine demeanor!
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  18. Tarik

    Tarik Junior Member

    Baraka Allahou fik akhi al aziz

    My name is Tariq (like Tarik ibnou Ziad) and my dad ,his name is Abdulqader ( like Al amir Abdulqader) the great man in the war of indepandance in Algeria.
    I mean they are great men ,not me and my dad.
    A'oudhou bil Lah min al kibr wa ri a.

    Ps : insh Allah a Tawfiq wa Najah for Al Hashimi and you ,Amin.

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  19. Ouddict

    Ouddict Ouddict Co-Founder & Tech Support

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  20. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Ah MashaAllah brother I misunderstood then. Both great men, may we aspire to follow their examples!

    Barak Allahu feek brother Tarik, may Allah give all success to all! Amen
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