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Al Hashimi Interview

Discussion in 'Al Hashimi' started by Nadeem, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Nadeem

    Nadeem Resident Artisan

  2. Nadeem

    Nadeem Resident Artisan

    Also please take a look at the new YouTube Channel hosting the interview. There will be more interviews coming up from the OudFest in London so subscribing will give you an immediate heads up as they are published.
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  3. Sproaty

    Sproaty Sproudy Staff Member

    New drinking game: take a shot every time Nadeem says "um" :Roflmao::Roflmao::Roflmao:
    Yes, Rahul and I filmed a video too, hopefully will see that sometime soon
  4. Martin

    Martin Oud Novice

    Excellent and informative interview. Looking forward to hearing about the in house distillations coming this year.
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  5. Nadeem

    Nadeem Resident Artisan

    Come on, I was using it as a delay tactic while trying to think of what to say. :Roflmao::Roflmao::Roflmao:
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  6. oudlover

    oudlover Oudologist Staff Member

    Excellent interview. I tried many of your oud oils and I love them all. Recently I got chance to smell your Santal X oil and it is one of the best sandalwood oils I have smelt.
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  7. Chiheisen_Horizon

    Chiheisen_Horizon Whats this Oud About?

    @Nadeem i need a convo with you , would be a pleasure ! :D
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