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Al Hashimi - Kakaya

Discussion in 'Al Hashimi' started by Alkhadra, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Asalamu Alaykm everyone and Eid Mubarak to all our brothers and sisters!

    Ever try tropical Oud for the warm/hotter days? You need some Kakaya :Roflmao:


    Kakaya Promo.jpg

    DISTILLED: 2018

    The poor souls who don’t know Oud often describe it as being a funky barnyard, bandaid smelling, woody-animalic mess, and can you blame them? All they’ve smelt is lab created fragrances that try to mimic the fragrance of Oud, but there’s one thing those labs got wrong. You can’t mimic Oud; Oud in its very essence is a master of mimicry.

    Think about it, when we describe an orange, we describe it based on its qualities of it being an orange. This orange is very juicy, that orange is very sweet, and you get the picture. Yet when it comes to Oud, we start shouting out notes that are derived from exterior viewpoints. This Oud smells like a-b-c, and feels like x-y-z. Not only does Oud contain different facets of notes from things in our day to day lives, but it has its own way of expressing those notes under different qualities. If a note were black and white, Oud would give it color, depth, and perception.

    Even more so than single-origin Oud, imagine the type of complexity attained through a masterful co-distillation of different Ouds. Kakaya is just that. A Tri-distillation between Malay Malaccensis, Hirta, and Cambodian Crassna, distilled Adnan style before Adnan was even a thing; and guess what? You won’t be smelling Malaccensis, Hirta, or Crassna here. Heck, you won’t even smell Malaysia or Cambodia. But one things for sure, you’re smelling Oud.

    Swipe up and you’re done for! Candied bananas, dates, frankincense, and jackfruit. All wrapped in a gummy-resinous format like Adnan, like Adan. Oh, and when I say jackfruit, I mean literal jackfruit. You can distill actual jackfruit and it wouldn’t smell as real as Kakaya does. Heck, you can shove your nose in a jackfruit, nope, you’re still not getting it. Oud takes notes and turns them HD and 3D, it almost feels as if you could taste them!

    As Kakaya dries down on the skin, that jackfruit note is met with a slightly herbaceous, almost spicy, virtually creamy quality that smoothens out on the skin and blooms on over. It doesn’t get more fragrantly juicy than this folks, and I say that after smelling half a dozen different candidates to release.

    You can find it here: https://alhashimi.com/shop/kakaya/
  2. Mario P.

    Mario P. True Ouddict

    I use this oil a lot in last month ,and still can't do a proper "review" ,is quite hard to describe...Nadeem have right ,is not malay ,is not cambodi ,not hirta ,but what is it ? I tell you now ,zero barn or animalic ,is a weird combo of creamy herbal smell ,but not typical green smell ,to my noose is like green leafs from trees in springs with some fruits ,nothing sweet to me .In dry down i get some thai/cambodi vibe but all covered in that creamy herbal/fruity touch.
    Thanks Al Hashimi for this oil ,for this price is a must ![​IMG]

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  3. Chiheisen_Horizon

    Chiheisen_Horizon Whats this Oud About?

    nice oil ! yummy !
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