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Al Hashimi: Malacca

Discussion in 'Al Hashimi' started by Alkhadra, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Assalamu Alaykm and hello everyone! As promised yesterday, two new releases today! I've really made it a point so price this as affordable as I can so it can reach as many people as possible.

    Here's the first release:


    WhatsApp Image 2018-07-27 at 12.29.06 PM.jpeg

    Aquilaria Malaccensis, the most widespread species of Aquilaria across the Oud world, spreading from east to west. Along with Crassna, it’s one of the first species of Oud that newbies encounter at the start of their journey.

    Malacca, the region where the famed Aquilaria Malaccensis derives its name from. As mentioned earlier, most of you have already tried the Malaccensis species one way or another, whether it be oil or wood, but have you tried it from Malacca? Within the dense jungles of Malacca, a single Malaccensis tree was harvested yielding both Double Super and Super grade wood, which is what I’m offering you here.

    Take all you know about the scent of Malaccensis and throw it away in an instant. An absolute tornado of notes, layers upon layers of complexity within a single harvest of Oud, and to my dismay… the batch is tiny!

    So how does this batch of Malaccensis from Malacca smell like? Sweet, fresh, bitter, and spicy.. yeah, that’s it, except that sweetness is a unique blend between vanilla pod and saffron, and that bitterness can only be portrayed as citrus peel. A spiciness like cinnamon verging on cloves, a gentle verdant freshness found from start to finish. The teasing soul of white florals flickering by. Need I say more…?

    Get yours today at: https://alhashimi.com/product/malacca/

    At $80 for 10g, you can’t afford not to.
  2. Ashfaque

    Ashfaque Analogue Oud

    Looking forward to smelling these beauties. :Thumbsup:
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  3. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Thanks dear @Ashfaque, can't wait to hear your thoughts! :Inlove:
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  4. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    A video of some double super malacca wood on the heater :D

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  5. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    SOLD OUT! Thanks everyone who grabbed some!
  6. Taha

    Taha Oud Fan

    My goodness.. how do all you guys manage to keep your burners so pretty looking?
    All of mine look like they were pulled out of a rubble in Hiroshima. :(
  7. Arsalan

    Arsalan True Ouddict

    Nicely “seasoned” eh!
    Most here probably only heat a fraction of the wood you do! :Roflmao:
    Less than a gr a day far as I go...
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  8. Sproaty

    Sproaty Sproudy Staff Member

    Mica plates! Even on full heat I've not burned the burner (!), and I only use 1 plate too
  9. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Lool! :')

    The secret is to buy mica plates in all shapes and sizes :)
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