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Al Hashimi Youtube Review By Timmy Vangtan Of Imagine Scent

Discussion in 'Al Hashimi' started by Nadeem, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Nadeem

    Nadeem Resident Artisan

    While we were at the Las Vegas Oud Fayre, a gentlemen came into the room armed with a camera and microphone and started to record proceedings. It turned out to be Timmy Vangtan of a very large online perfume blog, Imagine Scents. After approaching Al Hashimi for a quick appraisal of our stock, a review seemed the natural thing to do.

    So out of this encounter, comes the following reviews of Kanz, Ibn Zamrak, Trad and an upcoming release that we sold during the Fayre, Al Kindi!

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  2. Rasoul Salehi

    Rasoul Salehi True Ouddict

    This video made me think... lthinking out loud here. Hope it helps bring new people to oud. Just amazes me though how little fragheads and serious niche perfume people know about oud. Made me think... how well do we know other non oud scents? I for one have 70-80 other natural oils. Essential oils. Steam distillation. Enflourage. Absolutes. Waxed. Buttters. And the snicks of course. But I still feel I know oud better and may come across as our friend if I was to talk of natural derivied perfumes.
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  3. Joe King

    Joe King AttitOud

    I was thinking similar thoughts as I watched it, but also thought if this brings the masses to oud then there may be less for me.....:Cautious:
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  4. Nadeem

    Nadeem Resident Artisan

    We will keep some aside for you when this “flood” of frag-heads invades the Oud world.

    Oudmageddon :Roflmao:
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  5. Woodland Note

    Woodland Note Moderator Staff Member

    Very interesting and kind of cool to see how much different is scent notes perception by other people. While I adore Kanz, Zamrak, Trad :Thumbsup::Thumbsup::Thumbsup: I perceive them quite differently. :eek:
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  6. Rasoul Salehi

    Rasoul Salehi True Ouddict

    bingo. night and day and of little use for us oud heads. having said that one still learns something and gets challenged to widen the view of our own approach.
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  7. MzM

    MzM Oud King

    Agreed Rasoul, I have other essential oils as well but don't know much as compared to oud. One reason might be because I'm not on any other forum solely dedicated to an essential oil...like Roseict or jasminict etc. I credit these Oud forums for any knowledge I have on the subject.
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