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    My new attar "natural perfumery"
    50 percent hojary/ 50 percent Ancient White Ambergris
    Probably my favorite thing to wear right now as it exudes an avalanche of charisma and charm. No doubt about its intrinsic animalic pheromone nature or how much of an aphrodisiac it is to the opposite sex. I revel in its mystery and seduction.
    What i did was to take the first fraction of the royal green hojary frankincense co-distillation with Tahiti vanilla pod using Mysore sandalwood "inkanyezi" hydrosol. This first fraction dissipates quite quickly on the skin so I've used it as a carrier for the ambergris to shine through for hours and hours of magnificent pleasure. This is the smell of the ocean the very depth of the sea. The insight and knowledge of the whale the story of the waves and the ships and the creatures of the deep. I really think that white ambergris is misunderstood and i want to create something that shows exactly what it is and what it's all about. This oil is thick, its virtues beheld not only through its olfactory pleasures to the senses but what it does to the body when it is absorbed, and when you sweat. It has many secrets in its makeup, a lot of steroids not really understood. How it affects the body is still a mystery but i know that its good for the body and soul and it causes me to become more bright, more animalistic you could say. I will always wear such a oil for it brings me back to a simpler time, a time before the hustle and bustle of life , a time when magic was in the air and fairies and little folk were always to be held in truth. Druids and swords! Ancient forest groves and oceans still unknown, a time of mystery and magic. Perhaps there is still a bit of this in the world today perhaps even a bit more behind the cloak and veil that we have put up with our so-called technology. I think there is still a place for us magical lovers in this world and wearing this oil feels like a little bit of that to me .
    70 usd a gram
    .3 for 21 1472985_10202930168721513_1793751939_n.jpg
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    Dear Tyson, how did you macerate Ambergris in Frankincense?

    You itr ignited my mind. I have you Frankincense and Frankincense Vanilla, and enough Ambergris that I acquired in tolas from a seller- brownish, animalic. Your guidance is needed.

    Thanks in anticipation.
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    i dusted the ambergis and soaked it in alcohol. Geltly heated the mix at 70 c till everything disolved this took a few hours , then i filtered it with a PTFE Membrane Filter Pore size 5um 5 micron then again with a Membrane filter 0.45 micron,made by PTFE. I have found that low heat does not destroy any of the scent profile of the ambergris and i get a perfect clarity this way .Then i just reduce the alcohol on a plate with a hair dryer in the garage were i dont have to smell the alcohol :p Maceration is also acceptable but i dont like how it makes a muddy product and has alot of insoluble material in the mix . Perhaps ill try this tech and then filter the oil with the above mentioned approach but for now im quite fond of the honey resin approach . |The trick is to remove all the alcohol which can be challanging. So i use many plates to reduce the ambergris onto leaving the resinoid no thicker than half a mm so it can cure out easy. A few days on the plate accomplishes this . I guess it all boils down to personal taste i dont think one way is necessarily better just different ways . I would think for long term that alot of sediments would not be wanted but i could be wrong in my assertion . As always im a student in this and willing to keep an empty cup to the wisdom of others
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