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  1. Woodland Note

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    This is the continuation of the thread: :)
    I am starting a new one because as dear and respected Rai Munir pointed out once it’s no longer first encounters for me with the olfactory heaven of oud, and I’ve been posting my experiences with other than oud aromatics as well.
    So it seems appropriate to make a new thread with a different title.

    Disclaimer: Perception of scents is in my humble opinion quite subjective/individual matter. No words or pictures can objectively and completely express the beauty and complexity of natural fragrances so that it’s somehow passed to another person’s mind. :)

    Without further ado...

    Indonesian Vetiver (by RoyalBengalOuds)


    Indonesian Vetiver opens up for me nutty, celery, rooty, and warm.
    When applied and smeared around my forearm it transforms quickly to more refined, rich, sophisticated aroma with vast palette of nuances. Perfume-like. Sweet citrus fruits filled with delightful sunshine. Sweet, woody, balsamic. Balsamic in a way sandalwood oils can be.
    For me it appears best not to sniff it directly/close to skin, but from a distance, then it's easier to explore the whole spectrum of pleasing fragrant details. After some time the classic vetiver heart is emerging. It reminded me of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. But it's way better of course! ;) Very classy, very beautiful. At some point it maybe even becomes a bit minty in a patchouli way. For sure this is not a boring monotonous fragrance, it evolves and sparkles like a fireworks festival. The drydown after a few hours is amazing and quite addictive, fresh, zesty, citrusy, woody, vetivery! In a way it’s a tad like an oud oil, complex and pleasing the senses. The longevity is great. The best vetiver fragrance I’ve tried so far. :Thumbsup:


    Note: I think that the opening and sniffing it directly from the bottle might be disappointing for some people who have no previous experiences with pure vetiver oils, because one might smell something reminiscent of the peanut aroma and thinking to himself: that’s it, the end. But nope! Don’t be discouraged, apply and just wait a bit, and you shall be rewarded! :)
    I’m thinking that perhaps the process of jumping from nutty smell to complex delightful vetiver could be speeded up with diluting it to lower concentrations.
    But I’m yet to experiment with it further.
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  2. Woodland Note

    Woodland Note Moderator Staff Member

    I’ve experienced today the mastic gum scent. Very interesting and nice too. :Thumbsup:


    It shows up that it’s probably not the first time I'm smelling it though. I’m quite convinced I had already smelled it once XX years ago, in a fixative spray I bought to preserve some of my drawings. The notes is very alike, but more natural and more complex. :) My guess is that the art fixative spray I had was incorporating it as an ingredient.

    I would not call it exactly pine-like, like some people refer to its scent. (It has something more pine-like to it when chewing it though.) I think it’s quite unique. Straight from the jar to which I put it in, I would say it smells a bit “in a way” angelica and cedar trees do. Just a first seconds impression. The more I sniff it the more it unfolds with different facets.
    Hmm... It’s fresh, and piercing-cooling like, like camphor (but of course different notes and strength level) hmm... softly-sweet but also sour.

    It is quite sticky, in my opinion way more than frankincense, so I’m not sure yet if it will serve my purpose as perfume fixative that well, but the scent profile is good! :handok:

    I’m sniffing a mix of frankincense and mastic right now, and it’s great, diffusive, fresh, resinous, hint of citrus, coniferous. :Thumbsup:
  3. Arsalan

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    Excellent review @Woodland Note. I totally agree with your impressions of the Indonesian Vetiver!
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  4. Woodland Note

    Woodland Note Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you dear Arsalan! :D :Thumbsup:
  5. Mr.P

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    Nice review and reminder that I need mastic! I believe mastic is used as an art fixative along with many other types of resin. What I want is a bottle of spray on frankincense fixative! Guess I have to make it myself. I recall seeing little packets of mastic gum in a Lebanese grocery where are used to live. Pretty tasty!

    if it works to trap pastels on paper, it might work to at least slow the evaporation of oil from skin!
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  6. Elixir Attar

    Elixir Attar True Ouddict

    Alhamdulillah, i claim we are among the first to use mastic resin absolute in one of our attars )));)
    Spirit of the Hellenic Republic:):)
    It was to have an attar that embodies the resins and natural elements of Greece-
    I also want to tel you that mastic is the resin that comes out of the Pistacia Lentiscus tree

    Pistacia is a genus of flowering plants That includes mastic producing trees AND pistaccio producing tree Pistacia Vera

    If you really focus, you will find that the smell of pistacio and mastic are very closely related:handok:
    And also, good news for mastic resin lovers
    There is mastic oil available in Greece.-produced by distillation
    Used in our Spirit of the Hellenic Republic:Laugh:
  7. Mr.P

    Mr.P True Ouddict

    Kunroku resin (dark semi-fossilized stuff) is in the genus pistacia as well...
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