Oud Burner
rouh al aoud -ASAQ

A blend that everyone seem to like. It's very "safe" and still not boring. I smell like an Arab prince. But this would work 100% on someone working in an office and wearing a tie.

Oudy, Spicy, leathery. In the drydown I get some rose and saffron. I only wish the oud was little more "dirty". That would be more me. But it is very nice and worth a try.

And nuclear projection


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Its similar to King Abdullah Blend if you tried that 1 but less oud and a lot more sandalwood.Starts with Taif,a little powder,and oud then settles to amber,i think im getting some jasmine,the base is musk and creamy sandalwood.IMO very similar to ASO Itr Al Ward.
Nice attar made by dear friend in Kuwait taif rose, white omani ambergris, kashmiri musk was from Faheem, Indian oud from Meghalaya when I try it I like it so much so my friend ask me about new name for that blend I told him AlSheikh blend! :Laugh: