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    Just wanted to say that I feel blessed and honored to be a part of the general community of Oud lovers. This common passion for one of the most unique and indescribably beautiful substances on earth has bonded us together in nothing short of Love. Which is the only word that can properly define what drives us to this incredible journey.

    کنت کنزاً مخفیاً فأحببت أن أعرف فخلقت الخلق لکی أعرف

    "I was a hidden treasure; I loved to be known. Hence I created the world so that I would be known"
    Hadith Qudsi

    Oud is one of the great hidden treasures that God Almighty has graced us with that we may come closer to knowing His nature within ourselves. Through this vehicle we are left astonished and amazed in a way that, with the right intentions, should bring us to contemplate the greatness of creation which is more valuable than any worship.

    What I found to be most incredible in this journey is that the love of this experience has created such a brotherhood (and sisterhood) that people truly want for their brother what they want for themselves and this invokes such feelings of humility and generosity that they find themselves joyfully sending their jewels and gems of this world of agarwood to those who they find have not had the pleasure or the means to pursue for themselves.

    What's remarkable, is these distinct values are being exemplified by people named Curtis, and Brian, and Steve.

    May God Almighty grant them the rewards of true iman and increase them in their rizik and grant them the heavenly rewards of their generosity in this life and the next and grant us to be like them.

    And may He grant us all happiness in what He has ordained for us and to draw closer to Him through our love.
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    Allahoma ameen :)
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