Car air freshener bakhoor?


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Has anyone ever messed around with using natural wood/oil/bakhoor as an air freshener in a vehicle? I don't think I have seen a whole lot of discussion on this, but to me it seems like a good application for a bakhoor type of material.


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Scent salim is big on agarwood airfreshners. You should check them out.
Yes agreed
I got some from them some while back and depending on which scent you go for....they are quite nice and I find them more pleasent then standard stuff.
Also seem to last longer.

When coming near to the end of the life...I usually swipe some lesser Oudh oil I have onto the card which extends the scent for days afterwards...


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I regularly fumigate my work vehicle, when I have one. It’s usually an attempt to change the synthetic stink that they arrive with. I have had the occasional distressed neighbour, YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE!!! No that’s agarwood fumigation, haven’t you heard of smoke without fire?
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I used to use a mini bakhoor burner like this before, It was pretty useful especially being able to keep it in the car and turn it on anytime but it broke rather easily. I wonder now how well it would have burned agarwood chips though.


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