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Location: USA


1. Black Meat Sandalwood, bead scraps. $65/50 grams. *Sold Out
2. Kedah Agarwood, chips. $160/5 grams.
3. Kedah Agarwood, antwood. $160/5 grams.
4. Kedah, soilwood, sultan-grade, crown pieces. $325/gram.
5. Kedah, soilwood, sultan-grade, bacelet: $320/gram.
6. Sinking Borneo, pieces. $300/5 grams.
7. Cultivated Kynam, chips. $35/5 grams.
8. Cultivated Kynam, flakes. $25/5 grams.
9. Lapnisan, Phillipines. $225/15 grams.
10. Manipur-Nagaland, pieces. $85/5 grams.
11. Kalimantan, chips. $85/6 grams.
12. Sarawak, chips. $90/5 grams.
13. Sarawak, pieces. $100/5 grams.
14. Sarawak, soilwood. $120/5 grams.
15. Sarawak, blonde. $120/5 grams.
16. Vietnamese Nha Trang, sinking char. $160/5 grams.
17. Vietnamese, antwood. $45/5 grams.
18. Vietnamese, old farm. $35/5 grams. *Sold Out
19. Bukit Minyak, Penang, Malaysia. Blonde. $3/g.
20. Bukit Minyak, Penang, Malaysia. Black. $19/g.
21. Sri Lanka, Redsoil.
22. Sri Lanka, Adam's Peak.
23. Melawi, West Kalimantan. $9/g.


20. Nha Trang White Kynam, bead scrap. $150/0.1 gram.
21. Nha Trang White Kynam, shards. $1410 per gram.
22. Nha Trang Toc Bong, sinking. $280 per gram.
23. Hainan Purple Kynam, sinking. Collection grade.


24. Hainan Island Agarwood, sticks. $90/5 grams.
25. Hainan Island Rosewood, sticks. $45/10 grams.
26. Dao Phu Quoc Island Agarwood, sticks. $100/5 grams.
27. Mysore Sandalwood, sticks. $55/5 grams.

Sandalwood Oil:

1. Timor Mist. $80/2.5 grams.
2. Mysore Sublime, 1980s log. $210/2.5 grams.
3. Ceylon Santal. $120/2.5 grams.

Agarwood Oil:

1. 1990 Kedah Ateeq. $80/0.3g, $500/2.5 grams.
2. Aceh Green. $45/0.3g, $290/2.5 grams.
3. Assam Incense. $60/0.3g, $420/2.5 grams.
4. Assam-Bhutan Sunrise. $45/0.3g, $320/2.5 grams.
5. Assam-Naga Smoke. $420/2.5 grams.
6. Banjaran Besar. $45/0.3g, $315/2.5 grams.
7. Ceylon Pinnacle. $85/0.3g, $615/2.5 grams.
8. Hirta Deadwood. $65/0.3g, $420/2.5 grams.
9. Hirta Tigerwood. $135/0.3g, $800/2.5 grams.
10. Kalakasi. $50/0.3g, $350/2.5 grams.
11. Kedah Soilwood. $150/0.3g, $410/1 gram, $1000/2.5 grams.
12. Malaysian Blue. $30/0.3g, $215/2.5 grams.
12. Manipur King. $50/0.3g, $350/2.5 grams.
13. Nagaland Cloud. $45/0.3grams, $260/2.5 grams.
14. Trat Crème. $30/0.3g, $180/2.5 grams.
15. Tripura Pinnacle. $85/0.3grams, $615/2.5 grams.
16. Private Reserve. $1200/2.5 grams.
17. Subawa Grynops. $95/gram.
18. Balayong. $75/0.3g, $525/2.5g.
19. Impahl Queen. $45/0.3g, $270/2.5g.
20. Meghalaya Sunburst. $45/0.3g, $325/2.5g.
21. Nagaland Dream. $45/0.3g, $325/2.5g.
21. Star Blossom. $110/0.3g, $800/2.5g.
22. Calypso. $60/0.3g. $375/2.5g.


1. Organic Vat-dyed Indigo Loopwheel Tee $130 (Japanese XL size only for now).
2. Cast iron incense burners $50 / $60
3. Tea+Teaware on website.
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Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! what a list!

if you’re selling only a dozen ouds at a time, this would not be a challenging thing to do… your inventory is on a different level.

I don’t have a large budget for oil, and only buy sporadically, but the chances of my purchasing something from you just went up astronomically. It’s nice to see it all laid out like that. I saved these to my files and I’m going to look that list over now.
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True Ouddict

I could not resist stocking the last remaining bit of Leyte wood we had stored away. There are 500 grams heading to the shop, including some large pieces that will be available.


True Ouddict

Our new Taiwanese tea has arrived. We will be photographing and writing descriptions for it this week. There are four iterations of Dong Ding, all masterfully grown and roasted by Shin Chen Fang:

Light Roast, 100 year old garden
Medium Roast, 100 year old garden
Phoenix Secret Realm, high elevation
Wild Tea Forest, Ching Sin Da Mou
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