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My perfume DARK MATTER is getting rave reviews and supplies are limited.
I thought this community would be especially interested.
Mostly just Ambergris and Wild Papua Oud.
Its also possibly my personal favorite of all my creations in perfume.

DARK MATTER • Perfume by Pierre Black • Ambergris and Wild Papua Oud • 20ml

Sultry, commanding, deeply evocative, nocturnal, irresistible. DARK MATTER is a limited edition perfume by Pierre Black. Loaded with fine white ambergris and one of the most exotic, sparkling, unusual, and pheromonal Oud oils we have ever encountered, our popular Papua Elixir. More than 18 months in the blending phase, this is truly old-world perfume alchemy at its best. Superb longevity. Only 31 bottles created. Intensely erotic dark majik, DARK MATTER is pure feminine power craft.



  • [] DARK MATTER, just exotic Oud and ambergris, a perfume popular with Oud lovers...
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Greetings from 100°f Pensacola!
Dark Matter is advanced oud appreciation. It is not an easy wear by any means. In cooler southern California weather it opens with a mineralic, bitter anise punch that you will learn to love, or else. The prickly resin, wet-woods and spice notes emerge slowly after a couple hours to merge with the mineralics. There's no fruity notes, no flowery light notes, no simmering jaggery. All that pretty stuff has been washed away and is somewhere downstream if you care to go look for it. You get what it says on the bottle; dark "wet" oud, raw resin and salty-stone ambergris. After that it just gets stronger until it is constantly noticeable -theres no anosmia trigger here!

Here in the heat and damp of Northwest Florida, DM is a whole different animal. That bitter-anise opening cooks off in minutes leaving a punchy oud-resin cloud around your head that extends at least 4-5 feet and lasts into the night. It mixed with my sweat and skin oil to make something unique and personal to enjoy. Luckily for me, I enjoy being bludgeoned about the head with an oud log.

Side note: some ouds can cause skin irritation. This spray caused no problems for my skin, even on my chest.
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Thanks for this poignant review! I love it!

This perfume is much more suited to temperate climates, spring and fall weather, and evening/night time wear.
The intended experience can also be achieved in a well air conditioned environment.
I have played with this perfume in a variety of climes and it remains a personal favourite.

Much appreciated. :praying: