Dirty Rose Attar

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    Ecuadorian Palo Santo, Nangarhar rose , Black ambergris , Tahiti Vanilla

    Dusty sun bleached sunsets come to mind when i smell this attar. Vibrant and pleasing , rough yet gentle , dignified and sublime . Back and forth it pulls one into refinement and back out to undisciplined and reckless. The alchemy of duality wrapped up in an enigma . The royal barn notes of the black ambergris conflicted with the dainty rose held and together by the holy palo santo . This one is for lovers of all things grey not good or bad but both , the balance of fate , the glory of one . One sun and one Moon balanced in infinite jest . The dry down just becomes more and more anamalic and fecal as time progresses . Not one for meditation and relaxation this echo's work and play but also romance , tender yet strong , a aura of composure . Tis a scent that will surely be remembered ... some will hate it and some will love it . As is all things of a dualistic nature . Entropy and resurrection hallmarks of the Dirty Rose Attar!
    1 gram 50 usd
    2.5 grams 120


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