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    Vietnam AWLI.jpg Distillation year : 2018

    Location : East Vietnam

    Style : Clean, Perfumey, Social Friendly, Revitalizing

    If you know La Maison Khenata, you must have heard about the Signature series. It’s not only about oils belonging to the top range ouds we offer, it’s mainly about what symbolizes us the most.

    LMK proudly introduces you its AWLI* series with Eau du Vietnam AWLI, so what is it all about ?

    Take the Signatures, copy/paste them to a nice biodynamic agarwood farmed oil, apply the LMK cooking standards and you will get the AWLI series.

    What, the price? Of course it will be at a fraction of Signature’s prices.

    You like it ? It’s normal AWLI literraly means : As We Like It, nice and affordable.

    Now those who have smelt the Vietnamese vibe of Mandalay Signature will certainly be the happiest!

    Top notes centred, opening is grassy, jinseng, green lime peel that will slowly morph into an urban chypre/fougère oud perfume without denaturing its oudiness. Think urban yes, but still Vietnamese.

    This classy oud pleasure is offered to you to be enjoyed as an everyday oud, enjoy !

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  2. F4R1d0uX

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    1 bottle left !
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    It deserved to be sold out alongtime ago!
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    I agree
  5. F4R1d0uX

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    Sorry guys while packing I noticed that 4 bottles left.

    Thanks all for your kind words !

    So special offer : if you loved it and want yourself a nice treat buy 3 get 4 and fast shipped at regular shipped price.

    Offer valid until someone else buy just one bottle lol !

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