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[Ouddict.com] Eid Releases- Eid Mubarak
[Ouddict.com] Eid Releases- Eid Mubarak

Ballads Corduene and Tubereuse are here!!​

[Ouddict.com] Eid Releases- Eid Mubarak


Our 2023 Eid special, Corduene, our special ballad dedicated to two of the most beloved olfactory pleasures, oud and costus root. IFRA restricted now, costus oil is one of the most beneficial materials to have ever been used in perfumery, you won't believe how much it has been used in the 20th century great classics, and its a shame it is restricted in use nowadays. All the reconstitutions fail to impart even a fraction of the beauty that costs root imparts on a perfume. Its importance is equal to - if not more than- musk and ambergris, it can work in every accord and transforms a perfume in a magical way.
For this perfume, we processed our own royal grade Indian costus root oil, which is almost impossible to find now, and we coupled that with one of the most beautiful aged Bengali oud oils. Both materials are twirling around a melange of roses from Iran and Turkey, as well as Swedish castoreum and pyrogenic myrrh absolute from the royal vault of Sultan Qaboos, may God rest his soul. The pyrogenic myrrh absolute provides occasional incense-laden whiffs that complement the other notes in an amazing way.
Corduene, the ancient name of the region of Kurdistan- which happens to be one of the most beautiful regions in the world located between Iraq, Iran, and Turkey - is our inspiration for this perfume. The ancient culture, the incense ceremonies, the leathery dewy horse saddles, as well as the most beautiful roses.​


The tuberose soliflore, released to celebrate late spring and early summer, being the most beautiful time of the year to smell any flowers- humidity and temperature-wise.
A lot of perfumers attempted rose, lily of the valley, and even jasmine soliflores, some amazing perfumes were produced. However, when it comes to tuberose, only when it was incorporated with other aromatics, specifically mimosa, did tuberose shine in perfumes. It is a big challenge to produce a tuberose soliflore because of the fact that tuberose is not available as an essential oil, like most white flowers, available only as an absolute which means that as producers seek to maximize yield, they use every part of the flower, including the green stems, hence concentrating a smell that has absolutely nothing to do with the smell in the fresh flower, which - specifically in the case of tuberose- represent only a very small part of the plant. Therefore the absolute could even be mistaken for another aromatic altogether.
The sweet narcotic effect of the tuberose flower is like no other and for that we thought that it deserves a ballad on its own, Ballad Tubereuse is a jardin de tubereuse perfume, buy it only if you love floral perfumes or tuberose specifically, its everything tuberose, it has various very high grade absolutes of tuberose with least amount of greenery and various in the house tuberose extracts and enfleurages as well as musk ambrette absolute and essential oils and also honeysuckle and heliotrope enfleurages and extracts which are detrimental to the final smell of real tuberose, which share the same molecules with tuberose.​