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Ensar And Oriscent Ouds For Sale [last Bottle Purchase In 2016]

Discussion in 'Pure Essential Oils and Aromatic Woods For Sale' started by liquid smoke, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. liquid smoke

    liquid smoke Whats this Oud About?

    Ensar & Oriscent Oud Bottles For Sale
    Collection of Ensar Oils:
    1. Oud Royale (1985) - 3gr [5 bottles] - SOLD OUT
    2. Kyara LTD (2010) - 2.5gr [1 bottle]
    3. Oud Nuh (2009) - 2.25gr [1 bottle] - ONLY 0.5gr LEFT
    4. Kalbar 3000 (2007) - 2.7gr [1 bottle] - ONLY 0.95gr LEFT
    5. Borneo 2000 - 3gr [4 bottles] - ONLY 4gr LEFT
    6. Borneo 50k - 2.5gr [1 bottle] + 0.3gr [1 sample]
    7. Oud Sultani (1st release) - 3gr (3 bottles) - SOLD OUT
    8. Mission: Camboi Kinam - 2gr [1 bottle] - ONLY 0.5gr LEFT
    9. Oud Sulaiman III - 3gr [1 bottle]
    10. Dom Kwan - 3gr [1 bottle] - SOLD OUT
    11. Purple Kinam (1st release) - 3gr [3 bottles] + 0.3gr [3 samples] - ONLY 0.95gr LEFT - $1350
    12. Green Papua (1st release) - 0.3gr [1 sample] - $250
    13. Borneo Zen (original/discontinued blend) - 3gr [2 bottles] + 0.3gr [1 sample] - $250
    14. Ambra (original/discontinued blend) - 3gr [1 bottle] + 1.5gr [in Original Bottle] + 0.3gr [1 sample]
    All of these bottles have been purchased directly from Ensar (none from other collectors); so I can personally guarantee that every drop of oil is 100% pure, undiluted, and authentic Ensar/Oriscent Oud. I have copies of my purchase orders and emails with Ensar, as well as every DHL bag they were shipped in; in the case where proof of authenticity is requested.

    They've been locked away in a temperature-controlled vault, hidden from all humidity and sunlight. And not a single bottle has been opened (not even for a whiff) until this year when I started offering samples. All bottles are marked by Ensar, unless otherwise specified - therefore, I can only guarantee that the bottle is full and has never been used. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that the weight of the oil is the same as marked by Ensar (I've received some bottles with more and some with slightly less).

    Smaller portions are now available to buyers who may have tighter budgets or wish to possess a lesser quantity of the oils I have for sale. I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to experience some of these rare and beautiful oils, most of which have now become "Legends".

    I have been selling some of these bottles on eBay over the years, private collectors, and Ouddicts across the globe - @Ouddict being the first sale I made (several years ago).

    I've decided to include a few extra bottles from my personal collection (which were reserved for future use), to provide an opportunity for more to be experienced by fellow Ouddicts like myself. I will add more to this listing, over time, as I continue to figure out which oils to part with. But for now, this is what I have to offer from my Ensar collection:

    * Note:
    • All bottles are FULL and/or UNUSED unless stated otherwise.
    • Available bottles in [brackets].

    Ambra Bottle and Sample.jpg
    1. Ambra (1st release) - This is the version of Ambra that only veteran E.O. collectors/admirers got their hands on. While I know that many of the newer versions I've smelled are quite stunning; this is the Ambra that started them all. The last bottle sold on Ensar's site several years ago.
    Fragrance Notes: Buttery, semi-sweet, aged Mysore Sandalwood opens up into an fresh oceanic breeze,
    finishing off with the warmth powdery notes of soft leather and subtle animalic/musk notes


    • [1] 3gr Original EO bottle
    • [1] 1.5gr in Original EO bottle
    • [1] 0.3gr Original EO sample

    • 3gr. Original EO bottle - $400
    • 1.5gr Original EO bottle - $250
    • 0.3gr Original EO sample - $65

    Borneo 2k Decanter Etsy.jpg
    2. Borneo 2000 (2010) Aged 9yrs - Before the release of Borneo 3000, there was Borneo 2000.
    Distilled in 2010 and aged now for almost a decade. Borneo 2000 is deep. It has all of the complexities you'd expect from an artisan distilled Borneo oud that's been aging for this long. It smells like the jungle, like a campfire, like a fresh breeze after summer's rain, it smells like prunes, berries, a bouquet of florals, honey, and wildlife. It smells like wisdom. It reminds me of sitting in a soft leather chair while reading an old book, next to a wood-burning fireplace in the warmth of a home library. It's tough to put Borneo 2000 into words (but I hope that paints an image of what this oil smells like).
    • [1] 3gr Original EO Bottle
    • [1] 0.95gr in "3gr" Original EO Bottle - Split for samples. Never used/swiped.
    • 3gr. Original EO bottle - $450
    • 0.95gr in "3gr" Original EO bottle - $185
    Borneo 50k Decanter.jpg
    3. Borneo 50k (2005) Aged 14yrs

    • [1] 2.5gr Original EO bottle + original EO crystal decanter
    • [1] 0.3gr Original EO sample
    • 2.5gr Original EO Bottle + Ensar Oud Crystal Decanter - $1150 [$1250 on EO]
    • 0.3gr Original EO sample - $135 [$150 on EO]

    *Please contact if you're interested in a split/smaller portion. I'd prefer to sell the bottle untouched, but I would like to make these oils as available and affordable as possible; so I am happy to make that possible to the best of my ability.

    Kalbar 3000 (used) Decanter.jpg
    4. Kalbar 3000 (2007) Aged 12yrs

    • 0.95gr in "2.7gr" Original EO bottle - Split for samples. Never used/swiped.
    • 0.95gr in Original EO Bottle - $995
    • 0.95gr Decanted into sample vial - $970
    KLTD (full) Decanter.jpg
    5. Kyara LTD (2010) Aged 9yrs

    • [1] 2.5gr Original EO bottle + EO crystal decanter
    • 2.5gr - $3250 [Original Price: $4,166]
    • 0.95gr - $1250 [Original Price: $1599]

    Mission Cambodi Kinam.jpg
    6. Mission: Cambodi Kinam (1989-2013)

    [1] 0.5gr in "2gr" Original EO bottle - Split for samples. Never used/swiped.

    • 0.5gr in Original EO bottle - $650
    • 0.5gr decanted into sample vial - $625
    Oud Nuh (missing oil) Solo Etsy.jpg
    7. Oud Nuh (2009) Aged 10yrs


    • [1] 2.25gr in Original EO bottle - (When purchased directly from Ensar I was told this was "the last drop of oil left" which is why it's marked "2.25gr" on the bottle.)
    • 2.25gr Original EO Bottle - $875 (Original Price: $975) - SOLD OUT
    • 0.5gr sample vial - $300

    Oud Sulaiman III solo with red bag copy.jpg
    8. Oud Sulaiman III (2008) Aged 11yrs

    • [1] 3gr 43Original EO bottle
    • 3gr Original EO bottle - $600
    Splits/Sample Options:
    • 2gr sample vial - $425
    • 1gr sample vial - $225
    • 0.5gr sample vial - $125

    Oud Sultani (full) Decanter Etsy copy.jpg

    9. Oud Sultani (2001) Aged 18yrs - This is not "Sultani 1990", nor did these bottles come from the latest batch of "Oud Sultani" (released in 2019). These bottles were purchased in 2016 when "the last drop of Oud Sultani [was] sold". The last time I listed these bottles, a few people asked why my price was so high - when, realistically, I had them priced just above retail. So I want to avoid any confusion. These bottles are from the first release, the one that started it all, the one and only Oud Sultani...

    I realized where the confusion may have come from when I looked through Ensar's "Legends" page; where I was surpriseed to find that it had been removed. I have no explanation, nor can I discern a reason for that. This is an oil that Ensar called; "the best oil Ensar Oud has distilled to date," while declaring; "the oil can never be reproduced, or even mimicked." Fortunately I was able to grab a screenshot before it was removed. I've attached it to this listing for those who wish to read it. In my opinion, Oud Sultani (from 2016) is one of the best oils I have ever smelled. If it isn't #1, it is certainly in my top 3. Oud Sultani is a rare gift that I was fortunate to grab a couple bottles of, before it sold out in 2016. I recently sold a s small sample, from one of the original bottles. But, thankfully, I still have most of it to offer. If you wish to experience this one of a kind oud, that even Ensar has called his "best oil", now is your chance. Of course I must hold onto a bit of this rare beauty for myself, but I am pleased to offer some of the last bottles of pure Oud Sultani available.

    Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 03.07.45.png

    • [1] 3gr in Original EO bottle + Original EO Crystal Decanter - SOLD OUT
    • [1] 2gr in "3gr" Original EO bottle + Original EO Crystal Decanter - Split for sample. Never used/swiped. - SOLD OUT
    • 3gr in Original EO bottle + Original EO Crystal Decanter - $3750 (Retail Price: $5,000) - SOLD OUT
    • 1gr in "3gr" Original EO bottle + Original EO Crystal Decanter - $1250 (Retail Price: $1670)
    Splits/Sample Option:
    • 0.5gr in sample vial - $900

    I might continue to add more to this listing over time, but I figured this was a good place to start.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much. ☺️

    Many blessings,

    Liquid Smoke

    Ambra Bottle and Sample.jpg Borneo 2k Decanter Etsy.jpg Borneo 50k Decanter.jpg Kalbar 3000 (used) Decanter.jpg KLTD (full) Decanter.jpg Mission Cambodi Kinam.jpg Oud Nuh (missing oil) Solo Etsy.jpg Oud Sulaiman III solo with red bag copy.jpg Oud Sultani (full) Decanter Etsy copy.jpg

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  2. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    Thank you for entrusting me with the sale of some of your amazing oils... they will be listed online very soon.

    If anyone is interested in these rare oils and wants to know more about the original oils on Scent Legends or the difference between the genuine original oils and the current ones with similar or the same name is welcome to contact me.

    Please do NOT contact me about the oils that Liquid_Smoke has already priced above. You need to contact him directly. You can buy in confidence from him as I purchased his Oud Royale 85s from his eBay listing a few years back and his bottles were pristine and as new.
  3. liquid smoke

    liquid smoke Whats this Oud About?

    Thank you for allowing me the honor of doing so, and for so graciously writing the above. I sincerely appreciate it. ☺️
  4. Mikhalil

    Mikhalil Whats this Oud About?

    Where is this all viewable?
  5. liquid smoke

    liquid smoke Whats this Oud About?

    I believe it's in process. But I just updated the listing to make it more clear (I hope) on what is currently for sale, along with prices, until the rare "Legends" are posted elsewhere. The prices might change once they move, but I wanted to give the option for people to purchase until then.

    Sorry (to all) if the listing was confusing when I initially posted it. I hope it's a bit easier to understand now.

    Thanks so much.

    Many Blessings,

    Liquid Smoke
  6. Abdul Halim Motala

    Abdul Halim Motala Just Arrived

    Hi Friend , i am enquiring if you still have Mission: Cambodi Kinam,Borneo 50k,Kaliman Kala,Oud Sultani,Oud Royale full bottles and the rest of the samples available for saele.
    Kind regards Abdul Halim Motala
  7. liquid smoke

    liquid smoke Whats this Oud About?

    Hello, my friend,

    I have these oils in the following quantities:

    1) Borneo 50k - FULL (3gr bottle)

    2) Mission: Cambodi Kinam - 0.5gr (in original Enar Oud "2gr" bottle)

    3) Oud Sultani - 1gr (in original Ensar Oud "3gr" bottle)

    And I can do samples for all of the bottles listed.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions, or if you're interested in any of the oils I have listed.

    You can PM me, or message me here if you'd like. Whatever you prefer.

    Thanks so much for your inquiry.

    Many Blessings,

    Liquid Smoke
  8. Abdul Halim Motala

    Abdul Halim Motala Just Arrived

    Ok best prices for the ones that you have just mentioned , what about Kaliman Kala and oud Royale?.
    Kind regards Abdul Halim
  9. liquid smoke

    liquid smoke Whats this Oud About?

    Updated information. This is all that's left of my...

    Ensar Collection

    1. Ambra (1st release/original version) | 3gr = $400 | 1gr = $175
    2. Borneo 2000 | 3gr = $450
    3. Borneo 50k | 2gr = $1150
    4. Purple Kinam | 0.95gr = $1395
    5. Oud Sulaiman III | 3gr = $600
    6. Oud Nuh | 0.5gr = $450
    7. Oud Sultani | 1gr = $1250
    8. Kyara LTD (2010) | 2.5gr = $3250
    9. Kalbar 3000 | 0.95gr = $995
    10. Mission: Cambbodi Kinam | 0.5gr = $750
    11. Green Papua | 0.3gr = $250
    12. Borneo Zen (1st release/original version) 0.3gr = $250
    *Smaller portions available upon request.

    Please contact for details and/or questions.

    Many Blessings,
    Liquid Smoke

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