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Discussion in 'General' started by Rezwan, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Rezwan

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    I received the Jasmine tonight and I couldn't wait to wear it. This Jasmine is heavenly and truly special. It is hypnotic, really I am not kidding, I smelled Jasmine before but this is unlike any Jasmine I have encountered in my life. This Jasmine wraps you in its hypnotic spell. It gives wafts of blissful Jasmine, so complex, so smooth, so fresh, sweet like honey, has a very smooth indolic nature that gives you those sensual whispers. This Jasmine takes you to a lush garden by the river, you are lying down on the soft grass, it's night time and you are gazing at the stars, the breeze of air is filled with hypnotic Jasmine and you get lost in your dream. This is such an exquisitely crafted heavenly elixir by Ensar.
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    Would you show us some photos of it?

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