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    Ensar Oud - Oud Nuh WANTED
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    Hello. I have an unopened bottle of Oud Nuh, that Ensar pulled from his vault after it sold out, if you're still interested or haven't already purchased one. Being that I have a large collection of his oils, Ensar was willing to sell me the last bit of Oud Nuh. Which is why the bottle is 2.25gr (as opposed to his usual 3gr). But I've never opened it, being that I still have some from my first bottle of Oud Nuh. I have the purchase order from Ensar's site, and the original packaging (even the DHL bag it came in).

    I planned on collecting and holding onto my bottles for a while, but I've had some unfortunate circumstances occur this year; so I've decided to part with some of my collection. I paid $1100 for it, but I would be willing to knock off $100 - since it isn't coming directly from Ensar, and it's less than his usual quantity.

    Just let me know if you need any more information about it, and I'd be happy to provide it to you.

    Thanks so much,


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