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Eo White Kinam Vs. Aa Royal Malinau

Discussion in 'Oud Reviews' started by Bigboy, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Bigboy

    Bigboy Whats this Oud About?

    Can anybody do a head to head on these 2 oils ?

    Are we light years away from other oils like the pseudo malinau profile of Ertugrul in quality?

    Are we looking at the typical Taiwanese malinau profile a la b50k and b3k just dressed in a tux or is there something more going on here ? Not always but in many cases I find tahas oils shine the most up top but for me that mouth watering malinau dry down is what I'm always looking for nau com peanuts and bug spray.

    Would love to see a sinking grade malinau done! I can just see the zeros disappear from my bank statement!
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  2. Bigboy

    Bigboy Whats this Oud About?

    .....and the jeopardy theam song begins to play! .....followed by Pink Floyd "is there anybody out there ?"
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  3. Jeff Wilson

    Jeff Wilson Whats this Oud About?

    Expecting to receive AA Royal Malinau tomorrow - will compare all three this weekend and follow up with my thoughts ;-)
  4. Bigboy

    Bigboy Whats this Oud About?

    Whoo hoo! Super excited to hear about it how it they stack up to one another! Big thanks!
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  5. Dan

    Dan True Ouddict

    Yes do share your experience with RM and WK how do they compare

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  6. Jeff Wilson

    Jeff Wilson Whats this Oud About?

    First off, both are stellar oils - however very different - in my collection, they fill two different spots.... and i'll tell you why;

    White Kinam - Loud out of the bottle and almost gets even louder upon application. The scent is very much the Oriscent Kinam smell that is found in each of these oils (Oriscent collection) - I would go so far as to say that, of the Oil's I've tried, White Kinam is primarily this - Vanilla, Borboun, ...Kinam! It is not until the dry-down when the Malinau characteristics to begin to unfold and show themselves - very nice honey, cinnamon, vanillic cream - as things begin to dry down, the bitter Kinamic seems to morph into a Mintiness that carries the Honey, Cinnamon, Vanilla - to the end it seems.
    Oveall Tone of WK - Dark, Antique

    Royal Malinau - Loud on application - for those who are familiar with AA 'Royal' oils - Brain Buzz galore - brings almost a minty/bright top note - consistent throughout - and leads your very typical Malinau wood on the heater - Honey, Cinnamon, Toffee, Cinnamon, and more Mintiness! This oil does not change much - from what I know, it was created to be as close a representation of Malinau wood on the heater as possible.
    Overall Tone of RM - Bright, Uplifting

    For me these are two very different oils, I would have rather compared Taha's Malinau Special K (if it existed) to White Kinam since I believe these would have been a bit more comparable.

    Both have different dry down from Erturul - which I agree is the best part about it. Each of these oils' dry downs are unique - I would have to go with RM on a more mouth watering 2+ hr dry down.

    IMHO - both are necessary additions to any collection, especially with the increasing scarcity of quality Malinau raw materials ;-).

    Hope this was helpful - please feel free to question / comment accordingly.

  7. Dan

    Dan True Ouddict

    Couldn't agree more on the RM description.. the oil is surely what very old Sinking Malinau wood represents...

    WK - not yet tried but surely after reading your description I'm tempted.

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