Fawz (victory) - Ceylon Sandal

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    Ive had a few well trained noses saying Sayf was the best sandalwood they had smelt. The sheer spicyness and power it has is pretty much crazy.

    Fawz (victory) is the next in line of the Habzoud Sandalwood oils, with Sayf (sword) running low now was a good time to bring this into the picture...

    This oil is just amazing im not going to write anything further. I've seen sandalwoods selling for 350$ plus for a bottle with no 350$ smell. Fawz is yours for 55$ 2.5 grams shipped worldwide pretty much as simple as that

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  2. Edward jay Bullock

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    I received this oil as a sample and was absolutely amazed. I immediately purchased 2 bottles, one for my wife and one for myself. I will probably purchase more as the first sign of addiction is fear of running out!
    Excellent customer service
  3. Mr.P

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    That’s more like it! I find the $100 per ml sandalwood a little hard to accept, especially as this is an oil that does NOT lend itself to tiny little swipes. I wouldn’t even consider dropping $100 on a ml - sandalwood goes much too fast (for me) for this.
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