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    Just selling this oud to make room for more oud. Bottle is about 3/4 full which you should be able to see from the pictures.

    Asking $220 as I paid $25o from another forum member a few months ago and have only used 5-6 swipes in that time. Will ship worldwide via USPS priority and accept payment via PayPal.

    Here's the description of this oil if you are not familiar:

    This oil has matured for 5 year, made using hydro distillation of wild Chinese Hainan from high quality very decent oil grade agarwood conducted with Arabs taste in mind, I could not stop thinking of it as it reminded me of the best, intoxicating and psychedelic Chinese funky oils that I have tried. I couldn’t help it. We had to have it … and now you have to have it as well :))) Piercing, medicinal, slightly sour and bitter sweet opening screams out aged Chinese oud. The clear distinction of the top, heart and base notes tell me of a very decent quality of raw materials being used. Add to that one month of soaking and you’ve got a perfect combination of a decent quality, wild Hainan aloe resin with the right amount of accessory notes. Funky medicinal opening changing super fast to a stunning oud dominated sweetness. The heart notes of this oil have a certain quality to them. It makes you feel that you are wearing nothing but OUD, delivering a certain feel that only wild Chinese agarwood can deliver.
    The dry down is an entirely different story. Resinous, highly matured woodiness and the true scent of aged aloe resin makes you feel you are in an ancient Chinese castle. Antique sandalwood, dusty rose wood chairs covered with dry leather. Darkened rooms softened with aged silk drapes.A quiet , marbled ire place. Old books with suede covers.

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