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    Some oils especially the "organic" ones do change on my skin over time and after some hours they do scream like lemon on their last stage. There however are some good ones that hold the same profile and just change intensity. As an example I would give EO Sultan Abu Zahi.
    Do you know any other good oils that do not change so heavily over time? A good price ones?
    Can possibly organic oil be somehow stabilized?
    Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  2. AbuTominaga

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    I'm not sure about the lemon part on the dry down.

    However; the nature of any natural oil is to change with time. Chemically, it includes a vast number of different size molecules. The lighter ones evaporate at first and then the heavier and so on. Till you end up with the heaviest molecules.

    A linear scent is usually a small number of molecules which have a similar molecular weight.

    Organic or wild, the rules are the same.

    Wild has got a more oomph and punch to it. But really high quality organic oud oils can also be very good as well.

    My 2 cents

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  3. Andrew Salkin

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    Agar Aromas (Tony Bolton)

    His Nha Trang 20 year (you may have to ask about it because on that website it only has one listed as 5 years but I think it might be the same oil - not sure)

    I wrote about this yesterday in the Oud of the day/night thread. It's pretty linear but very powerful start to finish. I'd also say his Cambodi Jungle Leather shares a similar kind of linearity to it. Both very bold, brown, leather, antique shop wood vibe. The furthest thing from high pitch - the nha Trang in particular is very smooth and mellow but still projects a lot. Good luck!

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