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    Salam my fellow ouddicts, I'm Asif Afridi. Eid Mubarak!

    I am currently doing my family medicine residency training in Chicago and it has me extremely busy . Please give me time to reply to your message and please allow me a couple days to ship your order out for you.

    I also occasionally sell vintage and modern fountain pens at the Etsy shop; there are many reviews there and also positive feedbacks here on Ouddict. Buy with confidence.
    Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AfridiPens

    I am simply selling these oils because i find myself using these oud oils less; and I would like for these oils to go to somewhere they will continue to be used, studied, and appreciated by its future owners.

    Some of these oils have been transferred into v-vials from larger 3 mL bottles so that is why i have created my own labels for some of them.

    Please see pictures for oil level; i cannot give exact value of how much oils are there, i am simply estimating.

    Oriscent/ EO
    1. Nha Trang LTD (Vietnam) - .25g, full minus few tiniest swipes; asking $385
    2. Kyara LTD 2005 (Burma) - Approx. .2g? See oil level; asking $175
    3. Pinoy LTD - .95g, full minus few tiniest swipes; Asking $475; original price $799
    4. White Kinam - .95g, full minus few tiniest swipes; Asking $475; original price $799
    5. Borneo 3000 (2015) - Appox. .80g - Asking $135; transferred from full bottle to wheaton high recovery v-vial

    Imperial Oud
    1. Fragrant Harbour Imperiale (Hong Kong, Sinesis) - Appox. .70g; asking $175; said to smell like honey and yellow Kinam; A lovely Hong Kong sinesis oud that is said to have gone extinct. This is not to be confused with fragrant harbor supreme.
    2. Royal Nha Trang (Vietnam) - Approx .8g; now sold out; asking $135; has a beautiful sweet melon note in the opening that i like very much; original price $250 per gram.

    Al Shareef Oud
    1. Ceen (Hainan, Sinesis) - Appox. .80g - Asking $175; transferred from full bottle to wheaton high recovery v-vial. A lovely chinese sinesis oud that is said to have gone extinct. I personally prefer this over Hainan 05 and has a cleaner overall profile.

    Feel Oud
    1. Malinau Extreme (Borneo) - Appox. .80g - Asking $175; transferred from full bottle to wheaton high recovery v-vial; lovely Borneo Oud; similar to Borneo 3000 but i prefer Malinau Extreme as it is a little more spicier (in a good way). I will regret selling this. a 3gram bottle of this was originally $800+

    Agar Aura
    1. Pra Rachini (Wild Thai) - approx .5g - asking $25

    Scent Legends - All oils below are approx .1g minus tiny swipe; Asking $399
    1. Thaqeel (Cambodia)
    2. Kyara LTD (Burma)
    3. Borneo 3000 (Malinau, Original Version)
    4. KSSS (Cambodia)
    5. Oud Yusuf (Trat Thailand 2011)
    6. Oud Royale No 1 Maroke (1982)
    7. Oud Shayukh (Assam)
    Al Hashimi - will come with scent legends oil pack
    1. Al Hashimi Ibn Zamrak ( Sabah)
    2. Al Hashimi Ceylon Santal (sri lanka sandalwood)

    Will accept payment by Paypal Friends/ Family.
    Prefer to do USA shipping as it is easier for me to do so.
    USA shipping $5; will be shipped with USPS Priority Mail with tracking
    International shipping with USPS priority mail with tracking and insurance cost is $35 (This is the post office price, not my price)

    Things I'm looking for:
    1. Subitism incense heater electric
    2. Ensar Oud - Jasmine oil 2.5g

    Message me if interested or if you have any questions.

    1 - 9TKgRli.jpg 2 - NmYYVgZ.jpg 3 - sY8iKEA.jpg 4 - Ty9pEly.jpg 5 - fTWYKVG.jpg 6 - wANf3em.jpg 7 - AwGEuAp.jpg 8 - D8IuOUw.jpg 9 - gInRYk7.jpg 10 - k8i3ueY.jpg

    15 - h1EVEO9.jpg 16 - m812H9H.jpg 17 - rDb3mtm.jpg 18 - 9Mj5nGK.jpg

    19 - Kvj4uws.jpg 20 - OLvUoVb.jpg

    21 - yH03WUS.jpg 22 - 47hiB6D.jpg

    29 - Fh967vy.jpg 30 - ytW1TVL.jpg

    31 - iFhO1li.jpg
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