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  1. humbll

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    Hi all,

    Today I fumigated my beard by lighting a Japanese coal and covering it with about 1/2 inch of ash in my censor, then I put a 1/4 inch ball of frankincense Omani and an equal amount of Myrrh Select on the ash, when it started to bubble I put my beard in the smoke. I smell awesome and it has been about 5 hours since I did this. I like to wear my oud on my beard as well. I get excellent silage this way. I also like to fumigate my beard and clothes with agarwood chips. Do any of you do this?
  2. Mr.P

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    I apply my most potent ouds at the place where my beard ends on my neck. Stays all day, really prolonged dry-down this way.
  3. soulfoud

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    I've never tried fumigating, but I also wear oud in my beard. Wafts coming and going all day, revealing facets of heavenly scent. It deepens and focuses my yoga practice, and there's an added bonus that I look forward to each morning: the steam and hot water in the shower brings it roaring back to life for a few precious moments, just a glorious wall of heart and base notes.

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