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Funk Meister

Discussion in 'Oud Reviews' started by Stan, May 17, 2020.

  1. Stan

    Stan Whats this Oud About?

    Right, sit down, pour yourself a drink and buckle up. This one smells like it came directly from a herbivores butt – to begin with. It's a very typical Hindi Oud and very proud of it. Since we are now educated well enough in Oud, and other scents, to know that the initial smell is going to alter, but when?

    You may actually think that you've made a mistake by simply applying it, to begin with. This animalic note has to go quickly, for my taste, however, we all have different opinions and after all, that is what these reviews have been about, differing opinions with likes and dislikes but I have tried to describe them justly.

    After roughly fifteen to twenty minutes the worst of the indelicate barnyard manure has gone from my skin and a mellowing emotion is almost tangible in the scent that develops. I applied some to a forearm, the size of a stamp, as usual, then sat back a while. Oh, and it's organic, too.

    Several hours later it's really laid back and doing what it does best; simmering, it oozes that smokey, chocolatey, woody, luscious darkness. It's not holding back, either. It produces at a steady pace all day long in an opulent bubble that follows you around. The sillage and projection are superb.

    This one stands out from the crowd so be prepared to be noticed; ideally, you really need to roll in the stuff...I barn animalic you not! ;)

    This is the last in the series for the moment but I will be back soon.

    Thank you for tolerating me rabbit on about a subject I know little of but I am very keen on learning as much as I can about these wonderful ouds and attars

    Kind regards,

  2. Sproaty

    Sproaty Sproudy Staff Member

    Hey Stan, another fantasic review, I've really enjoyed reading these
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  3. Stan

    Stan Whats this Oud About?

    Thank you very much! It's still going strong after more than 24 hours! lol
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  4. joeribt

    joeribt Whats this Oud About?

    Thanks for the review, sounds like one I ought to try.
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  5. Gary K

    Gary K Whats this Oud About?

    The first time I used Funkmeister I worried I wouldn't be able to go anywhere it smelled so barnyard. (No way I was going to wash it off.) But it settled down nicely in about a half hour.
    The second time I applied a more generous dose since I knew I didn't have to go anywhere the rest of the day. It was curious how this time that extreme barnyard at the beginning wasn't present. I've found a number of my ouds have elements that don't appear every time- this was the most extreme example of that. I agree with Stan about its long lasting properties on the skin. It also lasted for days on the sweater I was wearing- not a complex scent but a pleasant and welcome oudiness.
  6. Stan

    Stan Whats this Oud About?

    Glad you like it, Gary. I find it very wearable even in that tragic stable smelling burst of "I'm here!" stage. I would wear it for a while first, though, until the horse on my neck bolts!
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