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    Location : Upper Assam

    Distillation year : 2018

    Traditionalism versus modernism is an anthropological dilemma that has accompanied humanity for centuries ...

    Generations after generations and at the mercy of social changes, these two camps have not ceased to oppose.

    It was hard to escape this debate when it comes to oud, oh sorry, when it comes to al oudh al Hindi.

    Gahara is the third way. The path of reconciliation and the first swipe please!

    Warm enough to comfort hearts and souls during the coldest winters (even those on the other side of the Wall) without making you feel the least embarrassment in any interaction of your social life.

    You got it? If a qualifier had to be chosen to describe Gahara, it would be: hypnotic.

    The most intoxicating cherry flavored pipe tobacco, topped with greenish / powdery pink notes.

    Andy Warhol would have certainly loved to be inspired of Marylin Monroe with a pipe à la Sitting Bull.

    La Maison Khenata made it olfactively possible and this into an oudy calumet of peace.

    Distilled from nice shavings, macerated a week and distilled into a steel pot topped with a Pyrex condenser but keeping the water through which agarwood have been distilled for centuries to reach the goal we wanted to achieve.

    Do not be fooled by its price, Gahara should be sold more expensive than the price you are offered.

    So be assured that you will get more than your money.

    Gahara : neither modern nor traditional, rather "classy-cal" !
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    Have to say, I’m no Hindi oil connoisseur, but one of the members here included this oil as a sample with a purchase and it’s the best I’ve smelled. Hits all the right notes and whereas lesser oils start giving way to the smell of the vessel they were distilled in after a half hour or so, this one keeps on truckin well into the 6th and 8th hours. Obviously made from superb wood and created by a very talented artisan.
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