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Gaharu Uno

The finest wild incense grade Indonesian hirta Oud oil to hit your nose.

This project has just been juiced and how a fresh oil can smell so smooth, refined and beautiful is simply amazing.

Ive compared this oil to several top tier Ouds from Indonesia and it is an oil of absolute beauty, i called it Gaharu Uno, Oud number 1.

Im not going to officially release this oil but i thought i would make samples available for forum members to try. The vastness in notes is very complex and all work in total harmony with eachother.

Off the dipstick you are greeted with the sweetest green Oud low chip heat note you can imagine, theres hints of dry earth and a seductive blue/purple equatic note.

The colour of the oil is light golden yellow and once applied to the skin opens with a bitter sweet piercing foresty note followed with an array of bright punchy woods, the aroma of a fresh island breeze by the ocean, white florals, juicy guava, warm honey and dark ripe cherries. As the oil moves on it gets darker, earthier, woodier and takes you deep inside an Indonesian jungle. It will be interesting to hear peoples thoughts on this oil.

Samples are available for 50$ shipped worldwide for 0.2g.

A must try gem for those who love not only Indonesian but Malaysian, Sri Lankan and Borneo oils.

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