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    Location : Sumbawa (Indonesia)
    Distillation year : 2018

    The rubik's cube of the craftsman when it comes to recreating the smell of his raw material, is to come to deconstruct piece by piece and elements after elements, the different pieces of the puzzle to restore them in liquid form.

    Beyond the know-how, the quality of the equipment, the main difficulty is to be able to release the necessary time to be on the spot.

    Well, apart from the theory that would have allowed me to give instructions from a distance, I had none of this available if not an unexpected: "Salam apak! Ada 30gk bagus kualitas ready stok" at a price that someone can't refuse.

    No safe storage place, nor the desire to lose 30kg worth money on the road of an artist who could have managed that for me as I would have liked.

    What remained to me as an option around? An old steam pot barely in a state, a condenser that could be called a barrel of oil pierced through which passes a piping worthy of a sanitation system of another age. And below all that, almost on the ground: a pyrex collector in a clean condition.

    Beside this puzzle of another kind, funds that decrease because of an over-excitement to reinvest everything in distillations combined with a lack of money incomes, in short: all to say okay let's give it a try!

    I will be direct with you: I took zero risk!

    Namely zero soaking, zero fractions and of course zero temperature changes between different stages.
    The person who was responsible for distilling that for me did not believe his nose: "Bro it smells just like the wood ...".

    Well, I'm not going to tell you it wasn't my wish, but objectively I could not really guarantee that it would have worked.

    In fact, and for the sake of precision, it would feel rather like you put a little piece on low heat ... See it?
    Now, imagine that you can slow down the time you get it?

    Well, the most crucial moment: Now imagine that you are able to olfactively rewind your heating session until you feel the raw wood before placing it on your micca sheet.

    Yes thank you La Maison Khenata, you are helping us with your description that basicaly tells us that it starts like a chip on low it and dries down as a raw chip of oud but what does the Gyrinops Vestergii smell like?

    Oh yeah, take a small Sri Lankan walla patta chip on heat: you'll get the refreshing aroma of guaiac wood combined with a camphoric greenness under a layer of ripe banana peel, just add a little more cinnamon and a hint of clove .

    In a nutshell: Oudy from head to toe in the way that only a gyrinops can bring.

    I have long hesitated to call it gyrinops liquid so the smell is so close to the wood but for this whole story to make sense I introduce you Gyrinops 0.
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    Shukrya Bhai !
    The oil you're help me with is to release very soon too

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