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Holiday Bundle Deals

Discussion in 'The Attar Store' started by Hamza H, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. Hamza H

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    Angkor Jam & Lun Dayeh Bundle

    A Holiday weekend offer of 2 of our Pure Artisanal Oudh Oils at a discounted price!
    1 gram of Angkor Jam - a Thai, Lao & Cambodi blend - & 1 gram of Lun Dayeh - a Malay oil.

    Usually $130 -- Now just $111



    Angkor Jam - 2019
    Thailand, Laos, Cambodia - South East Asia

    Take something that smells nice on its own and its good right? Now what if you take multiple nice smelling things and blend them together carefully?

    The scent would be even nicer, richer and more complex - a literal amalgamation of nice scents.

    An amalgamation of oudh is exactly what is presented here, a carefully composed organic blend comprising of oils from various oudh producing regions within South East Asia...read more


    Oudh Lun Dayeh - 2019
    Keningau, Sabah - Malaysia

    Take a whiff of this oil and it instantly screams Malay. A menthol coppery opening, along with cinnamon, which comes across as sharp initially, but then begins to give way slowly to the middle and base notes.

    A foresty aroma ensues, as if a fresh storm has passed, leaving a trail of the scent of freshly split wood, and the dampness and dew one might encounter from the forest environment...read more

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