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Incense and Bakhoor

Discussion in 'Incense Sticks and Bakhoor' started by Ouddict, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Ouddict

    Ouddict Ouddict Co-Founder & Tech Support

    A place to discuss incense and bakhoor.
  2. riviera274

    riviera274 Administrator and Hindi Lover Staff Member

    Have anyone of you guys tried Beary bakhoor.Their Muatta Reem is very nice.I think they is based in Oman...
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  3. Habz786

    Habz786 Resident Artisan & Ouddict Co-Founder

    Can anyone name any places to get quality pure bukhoor made from high quality ingerdiants?
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  4. ParadiseofOils

    ParadiseofOils True Ouddict

    Arabian Oud - I got some beautiful smelling bakhoor from there years ago and again a couple of years ago from Dubai.
  5. al qaswa

    al qaswa Whats this Oud About?

    please can some one advice where I can get top notch bakhoor from; nothing masculine, as it is for the wife.
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  6. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    I got a sample of jawharah from ASO.

    It smells amazing and I think it fits what youre searching for 100% since my wife likes it alot :D:Thumbsup:
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  7. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    Contemplating making a batch of superb Agar-based Tibetan incense, utilizing some very special Medical Grade, superbly potent herbs.

    One of the keys ingredients is a special Dao Di grade of Tibetan high altitude Saffron, which only has a window of 2 hours each day that it can be harvested, and a period of only several weeks each year that it can be collected.

    The herbs have already been compounded...just trying to decide which Agarwood to use. What sounds better:

    Brunei Microcarpa, with its distinctive Green and Floral notes? (Left wood)

    Or a Hybrid Terroire Malaccensis - gathered from a special region just outside of Brunei where the the soil flavors of Brunei and Sabah begin to mingle? (Right wood)

    Both have superb scent, and a fine scent of both Oil and Resin. Can't go wrong with either choice!

    What do YOU think??
  8. halim

    halim Oud Relax

    hi all anyone can give me a contact of premium and tested and checked quality of hojari frankicense i find one in ebay in oman with good feedback any have a sure adress for frankisence thank you
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  9. Royalbengalouds

    Royalbengalouds Resident Artisan

    Brunei Microcarpa for sure but then again Hybrid Terroire Malaccensis sounds intense JK , my previous experience of Tibetan incense was way to Animalic like a wet camel , but there was an essence of saffron and spices that left me mystified till this day , that was back in 1996 , why not make 2 batches , can't go wrong , sounds super mystical on the conclusion bros ,
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  10. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    LoL - fortunately, what I have in mind doesn't smell like a wet camel. hehe It smells more floral and woodsy with a hint of exotic spice. I'll give it a try with both types of wood and see which compliments the base mix best!
  11. alirican2

    alirican2 Whats this Oud About?

    Guys/Gals I want to share an Incense stick recommendation which I think is great for those people looking for a nice real oudh smell. Not fake at all. For a couple of years I looked for Oudh smelling sticks with very little success. I wanted sticks that smelled like oudh incense wood burning. To get this smell I needed to invest heavily on Japanese Oudh house incense sticks which gave very little sticks for the money until I took a chance and bought from here. http://www.agarharvest.com

    These sticks are nice. I usually burn for prayer or when I need to zone out and relax. Superb quality for the money.

    Someone mentioned above on Arabian Oud Bakhoor indeed I can confirm they have some nice ones. I have 3 or 4 from them which are lovely.
  12. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Very interesting bro thank you :)

    Have you tried kyarazen incense sticks ? They are just amazing
  13. alirican2

    alirican2 Whats this Oud About?

    Unfortunately no! I have been out of the oud game (purchasing) for a while do to me moving over seas (poor man salary) hehehe but when I did I made sure I bought me one of his Burners before he sold out. I still have and use with love. Whatever he sells I know sells out very quickly do to his top notch quality so I can only imagine his incense sticks.
  14. Kyarazen sticks are just heavenly!
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  15. Habz786

    Habz786 Resident Artisan & Ouddict Co-Founder

    Im yet to find any cones when light that give off a pleasent smell rather than just a burnt one! Maybe lighting them direct is not the best way but to use a heater. I have only experienced sticks from KZ amd they are great, have uou tried the oils from these guys @alirican2 any good?
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  16. alirican2

    alirican2 Whats this Oud About?

    Unfortunately never tried them. I would advice try crumbling up a cone into a powder and burn it in a controlled burner. Consider it a project and see what the results are like. You might get no burnt smell at all.

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  17. Oud_learner

    Oud_learner Junior Member

    Yes KZ sticks are great! I am holding on dearly to whatever stocks i have as they are usually sold out very fast! ;)
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  18. I like his pure agarwood staff like manaban malaki is wonderful work...
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  19. Nikhil S

    Nikhil S Resident Reviewer

    Brother puresacra.com is quite legit and praised. I just did a video review today om youtube
  20. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    I've loved incense blends (bakhour) since i was a young boy. I have a small collection that I loved so much. Specially the ones from ASAQ and Arabian oud. Until I found out how nice oud, sandalwood and frankincense are on their own.

    So I've not been using incense blends for a while. And with my latest order from Al shareef oudh I got a free sample of Jawharah. I didn't care about burning it to be honest since I now only burn oud/sandal/frankincense... But one day I said why not. And WOW... this is without doubt the best bakhour I've ever tried. So so pure and the raw material used must be from very high quality. It's such a welcoming scent.

    Opens up Woody, musky, floraly and then becomes more oudy. Just amazing.

    My wife and sisters that are tired of my ouddiction and me forcing them to smell everything new I get was for the first time positive about what they were smelling hahaha.:Geek: It made me very happy UNTIL wife started saying: cant you burn the one you burned the other day instead :Unsure:, everytime I burn oud. So now my family used my sample and I thank God they don't like my ouds like they liked jawharah. That would be a disaster. :Sick:

    Ingredients: oud from India, Malaysia and Cambodia. Kashmir saffron, himalayan musk, frankincense from Somalia and taifi rose :Inlove:

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