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    As promised and after a good night, La Maison Khenata will show it's philosophy.

    It has been debated after an interresing post of brother @Rai Munir on which he gave his honest feeling about what he smelt this year.

    It resulted a heated debate with sometimes some unfortunate words said by both sides sellers and customers.

    La Maison Khenata finds it healthy that such a debate can emerge from the forum.

    La Maison Khenata has filtered solids connexions from average ones, scammers ect ... into the far East since quite a long time now.

    We never been customers of the known pioneers here or in the other forum and we never been oudducated by their products, nor built our taste according to their standards nor took their oils as benchmarks.

    This said, La Maison Khenata has chosen to start slowly with resseling oils from Thailand and wood from Borneo and Brunei.

    We slowly reinjected the incomes and money saved since many years into new projects.

    To date we are proud to have conducted our own distillations with our own technics learnt from veterans.

    We are conducting for example a new East peninsular Malaysia crazy Hirta made from A/B few A/C and A grade chips chunks and logs that yielded enough to make another cheaper one with a lower grade whole trunk and chips.


    This one has been made from this :






    And is giving that :


    We also teached our own boosting technics to people in far East who helped
    us previously. We know some benefited from it and we don't expect a thank you.

    We enlarged our network to India thanks to God.

    We are close with a crew working for a famous Indian brand which exports their oils to Middle East.

    The Noir Velours has been (partially) by passed by LMK before it becomes mixed with other oils to feed the Middle East market.

    The future Hindi has been conducted from the beginning but we let them free to choose the cooking temperatures.

    La Maison Khenata also shared this wire to another artisan and permitted them to cook stunning Hindi oils recently and we don't expect a thank you.

    We also helped people to be familiar with the forum and sells their products from Siberia;).

    We eased perfumers to buy raw material half with money, half with their own products to promote them ect ect ...

    We hate doing so publicly really...
    For us, generosity has to be discreet but it's done with purpose that will be explain later ...

    Just to say, no La Maison Khenata is not a house which go by it nose and say : wow nice oil sourced and ressold, smells just like X oil from X artisan.

    La Maison Khenata has for project to fully conduct all distillations.

    So why not moving into Far East ?

    Because people who already done it, done it before.

    The period in which market was bigger, competition smaller.

    La Maison Khenata is to date more a less a 35gr oil seller with a very small stock.

    So it would be useless.

    So why not travel and run all with your own hands ?

    Because La Maison Khenata didn't reached its maturation stage in which a travel can bring like 3 batches tot be left for aging.

    Travelling for distilling from France now would only make final product cost higher (+energy consumption).

    If La Maison Khenata happens to be a bigger house, it will be done with the biggest pleasure (and we are really tempering our frustration).

    Now for the 2 nd part, La Maison Khenata didn't disclosed the generosity acts that could have been made just to make you think how cool this house is.

    La Maison Khenata believes in healthy competition and help between sources, sellers and indulgence with customers.

    The point raised by @Arsalan and @Zahir are interresing.

    I would like to tell publicly that I don't blame them.

    I blame some colleagues oud artisans and their "supporters" or however we could name them to not sell only ouds or blends.

    I blame some of them to sell rumors and low marketing strategy like :

    "It became not sustainable since new couch sellers came into the market selling crap under the banner of "make oud cheap again".

    " We sacrificed our comfortable living for the love of oud"

    "They just buy and resell while we are bleeding on the field taking risks".

    "These new small stores are killing the market".

    This is just a random MARKETING TECHNIC.

    I wouldn't mention about lower attacks made in stealth mod.

    I have some customers coming in private knowing too much gossips about what is behind the curtains and that professionals know.

    I don't blame them since they have been (sometimes wrongly) informed by professionals.

    I ask this very same professionals and their supports to focus their efforts into selling their products only instead of gossip and low marketing technics.

    Almost all of us bought oud or even sold our own batches to other professionals and it's not gossip as we have factual proofs (conversations and dispatching papers) of it but as we will chose to keep silent and live our own life to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

    La Maison Khenata hopes that this post has respected general rules and didn't brought any hard feelings to all forum members.
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    Great post Farid and a lot of respect for your operation. I know there is a lot of rumour-mongering in the background and we try to keep it off the forum, but it's obviously led to the recent posts and I agree, it is not the members like @Zahir and @Arsalan to blame as they do not know better.

    Being involved in the trade and hearing about the trade are two totally different things. For example, a very respected vendor tried to "warn" us about a particular distillation we had when we innocently asked about yield. In the end, the yield was 10 times what we had been led to believe and I guess it was an attempt to ward us off going ahead. Fair enough, they have their commercial interests and we have to understand and accept that, but they did not realise that we at Al Hashimi are just mad about Oud and commercial considerations disappear in the excitement of being able to make something special.

    All too often, members hear things from the rumour mill and unfortunately not everyone is a saint on here. People have commercial interests and possibly grudges so spread misinformation and occasionally it surfaces. These members are sometimes just pawns in someone else’s game.

    Most of the vendors here are far from just being resellers and it is obvious that LMK cultivates deep relationships with his distillers, is involved in their training and conducts experiments to the maximum extent possible from remote. I’m sure as LMK grows, Farid will be right there on the ground getting his hands dirty. This is a learning curve and evolving progression of maturity that vendors without exception have gone through. All vendors are grateful to the majority of their customers without who, this journey would not be possible. That fact is recognised and reciprocated in the very intimate relationship between the two parties on this forum which has given rise to new vendors in the past 2 years. Let’s not ruin the atmosphere by spreading rumours. If you happen to hear something negative, cross check it with the vendors on here.
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    I will express innonence as to why I'm tagged in this post :D

    There seems to be misunderstanding of the concerns that I shared with regards to reseller vendors and profits and I don't see any point in clarifying myself or sparking the same conversation all over again.

    And the main concern(s) that I had expressed on the original post seem to have taken the back seat if not completely neglected and shoved aside. So no point in resurfacing those as well.
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    Thanks for this post @F4R1d0uX a nice little insight into LMK, looking forward to trying that oil the wood sure looks great :thumbsup:
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    To sum things up, LMK rules! :fist:

    Really looking forward to your Hirta oil! Knowing you, it's gonna be amazing.
  6. F4R1d0uX

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    Okay I think I got your point ;).
    As you've been part of the thread, I quoted your name sorry if it bothered you.:praying:
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    May God keep you away from exclusive cheerleading supporters who act "selflessly "...
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    LMK are from amongst the most genuine of people and vendors. I find @F4R1d0uX someone who is down to earth, honest and a person of integrity. He had no need to come up with the details about his operations but he did to help the community understand his position. I ask the Almighty to bless your operations, grow your business in abundance with khair and affiyah.

    People who spend their time and energy trying to undermine others either openly or in stealth mode, where are they running from The Knowledge of The Almighty, The All Wise, The All Knowing.
  9. F4R1d0uX

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    Ameen and may Allah keep genuine people like you close to me !

    Envoyé de mon MI 8 en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Thank you a lot for your comment.

    It's shared :)

    None of the people from yesterday post is concerned by my post.

    It's a sincere call to all professionals to be responsible in their trade.

    It's important for all of us both users and sellers.

    I'm fully confident that I'm amongst the trusted sellers here whenever for buyers or for those who didn't buy from me yet.

    None of them are pointed here, sincerely.

    Thanks for all your support which makes LMK exists both customers and a large portion of sellers Al Shareef included for your advises and also for your assist into the future Hindi :).


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    I'm not bothered at all quite honestly.
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    I've seen this being quoted quite a few times during my short stay on this forum. That there are some people who do what you have described. Your point is very valid. But I can't stop laughing shyly that who exactly are these people lol. Is it just a ghost or is it a reality? Why haven't I seen anyone like this so far? Lol.
  13. F4R1d0uX

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    Yes brother it is because someone has to explain to not be considered as what I just described : "a former X or Y customer who thought himself clever enough".

    It's also part of LMK ...

    Yes, but you need to add "while others are comfortably ..." This has been answered too.

    Regarding what you might think , in a nutshell and with diplomacy, LMK has not the vocation to be a side country into the USSR/USA cold war.

    LMK has its own interests and explained its philosophy so the house can't be diminished to the basic : "I'm selling a super oil of wild Papuan Crassna".

    The angle chosen has been the pointed marketing technics it could have been chosen different ones.

    Also, you might noticed that I haven't spent a single second into the other forum.

    This happened because its philosophy didn't fitted me.

    I love being on this forum because of its atmosphere that I find more breathable.

    I like when Ouddict is Ouddict and I express my concern, maybe in a weird way I conceed it, when it starts to smell differently.

    I will add the precision that is a matter of state of mind, not a matter of individuals.

    As for the gossips, it's about something else that happens since long time even before you came back to the forum.

    I just felt this has to be also said because I think that both points raised falls into the responsibility of us sellers, directly or indirectly.

    PS : - if some gaharu users read this, it has nothing to do with its sellers and we wish them all the best.

    - if you want to poursue the discussion, my private messagery is opened.

    - this is all what I will say on this thread and I will not lock it to further replies.
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    Actually I DONT know who those people are. I may have not used the best words to express myself but I don't know. Thats why I followed up by asking that are those people even real or is it just a concept/ghost.

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