Kekuantan Tenang

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    Kekuantan Tenang.jpg

    Distillation year : End of 2018
    Location : North Papua
    Style : Clean, Bright, Jungly, Exotic, Social Friendly

    I spoke at the beginning of the year with a fellow oud lover about the desire that La Maison KHENATA had at release a papuan oud really representative of the region.

    Work on filaria? Knowing that I still do not have the organizational means to ensure the distillation by myself on the spot ?
    No thanks, being my biggest nightmare, I reserve filaria for another day.

    The solution came from my bead carver who has a friend who is quite good at steam distillation (to translate: no smell of smoke nor fatty texture).

    After trying some of his work, I immediately ordered few tolas to take advantage of a wholesale price with all the customized misbahas and other bangles that I ordered to share with you.
    That's why I'm able to offer the kekuantan Tenang at this unbelievable price.

    After a jungly mineral, slightly earthy opening, it morphs into a sweet bright perfume à la vintage Eau D'Issey with mango peel.
    Unobstructive sillage, it surprisingly last quite long.

    At this price, you’ll get a pretty nice ambassador of what the Ledermanii gyrinops must be according to LMK taste, and of course it's from wild wood ...
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  2. F4R1d0uX

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    At this price, grab it fast !
    Tola deal aviable upon request ...
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    I got my tola...its worth it everydays!
  4. Mario P.

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    Hello guys ,just get my bottles of this beauty , first off all i want to thank Farid for great servicess he offer ,specially for this papuan oud and generous sample of wild chinese unreleased yet !
    Now ...about the Kekuantang Tenang ,i m happy to add this in my collection ,starts very animalic ,but not in musky way ,is smells very very close to white ambergriss on first 30 minutes, oudiness is there but not main player ,some earthy vibe like vetiver but all this goes to a very dry mango vibe. This is easy to wear for everybody ,even for non oud lovers or begginers ,is love from first sniff. Crazy combination of wet stone from ocean ,salty , just a bit of haitian vetiver and green tropical fruits without swetness.You can't go wrong for this price ,is 11/10 for what you pay ,thanks again Farid ,will be my sotd for 1 month i think and hopefully we will meet again at next oudfayre [​IMG]

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  5. F4R1d0uX

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    Thanks bro !

    Of course, I hope we can meet there next year with pleasure !

    Yeh I think I'm selling it too cheap for what it is :Roflmao: !

    I'm still asking myself why I still have stock :Thumbsdown:
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