Kuwait Perfume & Cosmetics Exhibition 2018

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    Kuwait Perfume & Cosmetics Exhibition 2018 is by far one of the most exciting exhibitions I have ever been a part of and attended. It's a retailers apex if you are in the Oudh and Perfume business. This is a make-it or break-it style exhibition in terms of sales. If you produce great products, you will succeed, however, if your products are not up to par, you will know about it.

    March 20-31 2018 at Mishref Fairgrounds.

    Last October we participated for the first time and SOLD OUT in 4 days. This exhibition happens twice a year, March & October. Come see us in Hall 7B, same place as last year.
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    What's your stall number? What banner are you under? Tomorrow, 3rd of Nov '18, is the last day.

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