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    I don't know the mermaid personally, but she is such a talented incense artisan, and purveyor of quality fume and Agarwood. I am always checking out her newest releases and following her on social media. I thought I would recommend her to the ouddict family for those of you that don't know about this creature you MUST. This month I recommend her premium Thailand cultivated.

    I am madly in love with her LEATHER incense as well. *OMG and these golden pastilles she offers, I've ordered at least 3 times, no wonder its out of stock. She has a really high bar for the quality of what she sells. Additionally she combines that with a price that shows heart and consideration for her patrons. She's been around selling incense on the internet for a long time I started buying from her it seem well over a decade ago and her work reflects that mastery just when I imagine she can't improve anymore she comes up with a new astounding and inspiring blend. I just bought my second or is it third incense heater (gifts) from her because once again her quality and prices rival the best.

    *Pastilles - Relaxing Frankincense with Labdanum & Myrrh

    If you take pleasure in adore fine incense I also recommend Justine Crane. She deserves a separate post but since she isn't selling Agarwood I have added her name here. Right now on Etsy you can pick up her Blue Lotus Kyphi and Wanderer's Incense Cake that I can't wait to light up on my warmer of course. She is an author and teacher of natural perfumery and incense. Everything she makes is a gift. I wouldn't be impressed by an academic usually that she is a teacher I could care less, but her incense is so spectacular.
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