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Musk From Sibermusk.com - First Impressions

Discussion in 'Musk' started by Mr.P, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    I haven't smelled much musk, but others have provided me with sniffs here and there and I think I understand what this musk stuff is all about.

    Got a chance to examine some Siberian grains from sibermusk.com. The aroma is complex with some familiar and some surprising notes. The grains were somewhat moist and quite pungent. I was surprised to find that the aroma really reminds me of the Ajmal AA musk gazelle - there is a certain shared type of sweet fragrance between these particular musks.

    Applied to the skin, the scent is pleasant and classically musky. it reminds me of two other samples of chinese musk i have smelled.

    Smelled straight out of the jar, there was a kind of magic marker smell - not ammonia or urine, but a kind of punchy volatile chemical / solvent note. I have no idea if this is typical of siberian musk - this is the only siberian musk I have ever smelled, as far as I know.

    I am not qualified to assess whether this is pure or not, but it is musky and resembles other musk oils I have smelled so that's a good sign I imagine! The question I have is to what degree should actual musk resemble ajmal’s AA musk gazelle? Edit: the shared note is a certain heavy sweetness, an aspect of musk that is prominent in these two. This has me thinking that maybe Ajmal used siberian musk in their AA musk gazelle as opposed to some other type. This is mere speculation of course
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  2. NinjaRobb

    NinjaRobb Official Trader Siberian and Mongolian Musk

    Quality and detailed review. Five stars!
  3. NinjaRobb

    NinjaRobb Official Trader Siberian and Mongolian Musk

    People smell the smell that their brain gives them.
    Pod from pod can differ in smell, grains from different pods can also have a difference in smell.
    This depends on the following factors:
    1. The habitat of the animal.
    2. Animal nutrition, what kind of vegetation the animal eats.
    3. A very important point - his age! The smell of musk of a young animal and an old animal is always different. Even if the animal lives and eats the same way.
    4. Wet or dry grains smell different. In the stage from wet to dry grains also change the smell.
    It is important to understand that we get the pods raw and dry them ourselves.
    Our musk is guaranteed to have no chemical component.
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  4. Sheikhsbearde

    Sheikhsbearde Whats this Oud About?

    The Magic Marker smell you referred too, I also got from my Siberian musk grains and Mongolian musk grains from Ninja. I am not sure if this smell is intrinsic to the grains or maybe a smell that is being given off from the plastic bottles that the grains come in. I lean more towards the latter theory as it is very doubtful that grains from different regions would have such a strong and obvious note in common. Plus, this note was completely absent from Tibetian and Kashmiri grains I have tried from other sources.
  5. Azaad

    Azaad Oud Fanatic

    Ordered 11g from Ninja which came this week in two separately dispatched orders. Previously I have ordered 6-8g, I can’t specifically remember. I have also smelt Mongolian musk from a different vendor. For me it’s exactly how I expect it to smell.

    Comparing Kashmiri musk and Mongolian musk is like comparing the taste of citric acid and sugar. I don’t even exaggerate that difference. Mongolian is soft and sweet, Kashmiri is an explosion to the senses. I feel the scent profile of the two musks is too far apart on the spectrum.

    My musk is from two different Mongolian pods (I don’t need to take Ninjas word for that conclusion, I can see the grains are drier in one order and less so in the other) and I definitely do not have any ink or permanent market smell in either. I also have one vial in glass instead of plastic. Everything smells the same in both. ‍♂️

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  6. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    So you can detect no marker / solvent smell at all? It is overwhelming if I sniff the bottle directly - smells like a solvent of some kind (but zero trace of any ammonia smell).

    That is so weird because there is no way anyone would miss this scent - it is the dominant note when you smell the moist grains and is so intense it has a bit of a bite - literally can’t miss it. Either you were shipped something different, or maybe we are interpreting the same smell differently.

    Can’t be the bottles... if they smelled like magic marker no one would buy them. I’m looking for some kind of exclamation personally before I buy anymore if this I have a bunch of the graphs on the subject and never have I seen any reference to
  7. Azaad

    Azaad Oud Fanatic

    I personally think it’s your interpretation of the scent Mr P.

    What type of musk (region/deer species) does your graph relate to?

    Anyone who has smelt Kashmiri and Mongolian musk, or even Kashmiri and Siberian would say it’s like chalk and cheese. Apart from the fact they look the same, the similarities end there.
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  8. Azaad

    Azaad Oud Fanatic

    Do you identify both Siberian and Mongolian to have intrinsically different notes?
  9. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    The Siberian and Mongolian were pretty similar in the bottles. Musk plus magic marker smell, no trace of ammonia notes even though slightly moist. I have not done a side by side on a blotter but the tinctures are similar. I would say, off the top of my head, that the Mongolian is sweeter and more rounded while the Siberian is a little brighter and more pungent. They are definitely birds of a feather and if someone hadn’t told me the Mongolian was Mongolian I would have likely just assumed it’s the same material but a different batch.

    Hate to keep bringing up that marker smell but I have only smelled it in NinjaRob’s product and i really wish I could figure out what it means.
  10. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time!

    That kinda reminds me of something a solvent would smell like. Is it possible that musk naturally produces some kind of enzyme that smells volitile like this when still wet or decomposing?
  11. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    I went back and smelled the nearly empty bottles. There’s maybe .1 gram in the bottom. I smell zero trace of the marker scent at all. Maybe the very concentrated scent in a more full bottle just overwhelms and there is no other sensory experience my brain can relate this to. It’s like when people smell oud the first times they sometimes say it reminds them of the chemical smell of bandaids. Vetiver gets this reaction too. I don’t really have enough experience to evaluate it one way or another. I am satisfied with the tinctures and will just have to live with the uncertainty (which I’m used to with agarwood).
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  12. Sheikhsbearde

    Sheikhsbearde Whats this Oud About?

    Due to my lack of experience with musks in general, I am not the best at identifying different notes. To me, the Siberian and Mongolian I have received, at grain level, smell very similar. Maybe this will drastically changed in time or when then tinctured/Macerated. Having said that, to my nose, the kashmiri and tibetian grains I have sniffed so far, are unique. with their very own bold personalities.

    In all fairness to Ninja, I am no musk connoisseur by any standard and just a student on a journey, so my opinion should be taken with a pinch of salt. My only aim is to be honest in describing what my nose picks up and to me, the high quality of the grains I received cant be questioned.
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  13. NinjaRobb

    NinjaRobb Official Trader Siberian and Mongolian Musk

    The chemical composition of musk is complex, it contains steroid compounds, waxes, cholesterol esters and most importantly "odorous" element-macrocyclic ketone musk (for those who understand chemistry: Methylcyclopentadecanone-1).
    The taste of musk is bitter, the smell is peculiar, sharp, long-lasting. Dried musk has almost no smell, the smell reappears if the musk is moistened.
    Due to the fact that musk has a complex chemical composition, there are some elements with high volatility. But, these elements do not smell like a marker or a solvent, it is a personal perception of smell
    Before using musk to create perfume compositions, after extraction from the pod, the musk must be held in an open space, during this process, the musk will lose all rapidly evaporating substances and acquires a more noble smell.
    This rule applies to all types of musk.
    All types of musk are characterized by an increase in smell when moistened and heated, and a weakening of the smell when dried.

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