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New Release/ Thai P

Discussion in 'OudBase Perfumery' started by Rahel, May 19, 2020.

  1. Rahel

    Rahel Resident Artisan

    1380FE51-DE1E-4B3E-A421-EBDF83764BAE.jpeg When I first pulled out the top of the vial containing a few precious drops of this Thai oud, I excepted that typical Trat fruit note opening. My senses were confused at first because instead of the signature Trat fruit, I encountered something quite different. The Trat fruit was present for sure, but accompanied by a mix of lightly herbaceous jungle notes, a smattering of Khao Yai and strangely enough, a hint of toffee.

    If you are looking beyond the usual Thai oud then the Thai P should be your first port of call. Very limited quantity available, combined with a special offer price means that it won’t be around for long.
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