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Oud And Attar Oil Clearance Ensar Aa Al Shareef Rising Phoenix

Discussion in 'Pure Essential Oils and Aromatic Woods For Sale' started by 911LambMelb, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. 911LambMelb

    911LambMelb Whats this Oud About?

    Hello all,

    I am clearing out some oud oils and attars. Please verify the pictures for levels, but most for sale here have been swiped once or twice maximum. Ask for more pics if you want to clarify the level further. All are being sold at a heavy discount. All purchased new from the retailer, unless otherwise specified.

    Express international shipping is available for most countries. Please enquire, ranges from about 10-30 USD.

    Any questions, please feel free to ask here or send me a PM.


    Agarwood Assam:

    Santal Rose Attar 2.5g. A nice rose and creamy sandalwood attar. 2 small swipes were taken only.
    Paid $62 Selling: $40USD SOLD


    Ensar Oud:

    Sultan Rose Attar 3g. One small swipe taken only. Proper masterpiece.
    Paid: $550 USD. Selling: $400 USD.

    Pink Timor Attar 3g. One small swipe taken only. This one is amazing, reluctant sale.
    Paid: $790 USD. Selling: $600 USD.

    Cambodi Caramel Oud Oil 2011 3g. About 6 small drops missing. 5 from the previous owner, 1 from me. Please refer to the picture. I would say 2.8g left approx. Purchased here on Ouddict from eddeyboub Paid $320 USD. Selling: $300 USD.

    Pursat 2005 Oud Oil 3g. 3 or so swipes taken, 2 by previous owner, 1 by me, purchased here on Ouddict from Firdaus for $500 in Jan 2019. Selling: $450 USD





    Rising Phoenix

    City Oud Attar. 3g. Swiped one time only. Paid: $249 USD. Selling: $189 USD.

    Ghaliyah al Molouk 3g. AMAZING, is a Saffron / Tea / Oud / Sandal / Musk / Ambergris scent built on the structure of a Ghaliyah style. Reluctant sale here as well. Swiped twice only. Paid $550USD, Selling $450 USD and it is very hard to find now.


    Al Shareef Oudh

    Yasameen Attar 2.5g. Swiped once only. Wonderful blend here. Paid $390 USD, Selling $300 USD.

    Ward Attar 2.5g. Another great rose blend here. One swipe only. Paid $390 USD. Selling $300 USD.

    The famous Turath II Attar. 2.5g. One swipe only. Paid $450 USD. Selling $360 USD.

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