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    Looking for a few members to review an unreleased oil (only one person has purchased a vial). Oud Malik (king) is an aged Malaysian oil distilled in 2013. The oil is very high quality hence its name and captures the best of what "classical" Malay Agarwood has to offer. Small samples will be free only postage needs to be paid 15$. It would be great to hear some thoughts/notes on this gem. Drop me a PM if interested.
  2. Habz786

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    Thanks to all those who Pmd, all samples are taken now :thumbsup:
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    very kind gesture :praying:
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  4. Al Shareef Oudh

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    We keep honey bees on our property and when the honey is left in the box for a a few months and not harvested it begins to age under the sun, the aroma of the pollen, the honey, the fragrant wax, the pine aroma of the box combine to give this most luxurious fragrance that can be picked up from yards away. Malik by Habzoud reminds me of those boxes and that dark aged honey that is to die for. Don't get me wrong this is not a honey scent, but one of great combination, a combination of ripped fruits, pinches of camphor, gourmet nuts and a hint of the Vietnamese powdery note. The age has taught it manners, finesse and social sensibility even though it is a nice strong oudh.
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  5. powdernose

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    I reviewed this on the Oud of the day thread,
    dark green for me.
    I offered my sample up there, maybe the offer was missed,
    my Malik sample is ready to go to someone who thinks they'd appreciate the profile,
    ask and it is yours.
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