Oud Naeim (bliss) - Kalimantan

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    This is hands down one of my favorite Ouds from Borneo and a rival to Oud Alamin. Distilled from high quality shavings from the dark resinous aquilaria hirta species and sat in my Oud cave for the last 4 years this Oud is the modest sister of Oud Alamin. This was a very small batch and only a very limited few bottles are available, Oud Naeim showcases the best of what oils from Kalimantan have to offer.

    Although both oils dont share a similar smell the sheer quality of the profile speaks for itself. The Oud is a lovely deep orange colour with a sticky like consistency. That usual dark woodiness found in Hirta here is bright and lively, mature and appealing.

    Notes of raw wood, sunshine bright vanilla, sugar, a wisp of gentle smoke, pear drops, a slight zestyness will leave you Oudtoxicated. You will be glued to your wrist just at how beautiful this oil is......without a doubt........

    1g will be 150$ shipped worldwide drop a PM to get your hands on this little treasure.

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