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Spring Blessings to All -

I'll be experimenting with offering some woods as a pop-up until they're gone. Mostly just to help break even on my addiction to heating.

Here we have a Cambodi classic - this particular batch was from a tree that was approximately half a century old. Some fossilized looking pieces, yet all with an incredible aroma that introduces with a slightly minty jungle on low voltage, evolving into a gentle sweet-floral character. As you go higher and watch it bubble, you'll get damp earthy tobacco notes with a touch of fine grain leather and moss.

Rather sensual.





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Thank you all 🌹💐🌸


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I have exchanged samples of oils and such with WardLab - and I got a sample labeled koh Kong crassna that i believe is this same wood.

I’ve heated two small pieces on the tea light burner and this is another one of the woods that I have smelled recently that is just so freaking pleasant and deeply appealing at all stages - it is something of a surprise. Balanced sweet sugary aroma that has the same kind of flat out appeal that the denser ck chips give out. Then the bright woody sunny tangy dry wood tail that can continue for hours on the subitism.

Up until recently most of what I have been burning is stuff that I collected or purchased quite a while ago with a couple of exceptions. My collection isn’t big, but at the rate I burned I was realizing I would never go through it and so my mind has kind of been on other materials like jasmine and oud oils, sandalwood etc.. and I’ve just been heating CK shavings for fumigating spaces in the home.

Recently, I have encountered a few really amazing specimens like this one that have none of the off notes that I have come to take for granted even in high end chips including my Yamada Matsu AA chunks

This wood is just great stuff - and I’m trying to understand why wood like this is rare in my stash.