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Poll On User Interface: Post Order In Threads

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by Ouddict, Jan 11, 2020.


Should threads display older posts first or newer posts first

Poll closed Saturday at 7:01 AM.
  1. Older Posts First (Old Design)

  2. Newer Posts First (New Design)

  1. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    We are making changes to the user interface on Ouddict to make it a better experience - especially for newcomers who may be more used to social media interfaces such as Facebook.

    A major change in the way threads display posts has been made to test whether users find it more intuitive. Previously, all threads displayed posts with the oldest and first post displayed first and this has been changed to make it more like Facebook where the newest post is displayed first and on top.

    Before casting your vote, bear in mind that people are generally resistant to change and almost always prefer what we are used to, so try and think about how a new user might also view the old display format and whether they would find it as “easy” and “obvious” as someone who may have been on the forum for a while.
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  2. ander.s

    ander.s Whats this Oud About?

    And if I may respectfully point to a counterargument, also bear in mind the current users that participate in other forums. People that participate in a couple of other forums (these days mostly Xenofo I suppose, supposedly mostly with standard behaviour), probably won't particularly enjoy having Ouddict being the only forum with different than usual behaviour.

    Also Reply and Post Order should go hand in hand IMHO.

    Would it be possible to make this (reply and post order) user selectable?
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  3. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    Good points. I will have a look at the flexibility of the platform with respect to user selection. At present I know that the theme is user selectable, but beyond that I’m not sure.
  4. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    Bumping the poll
  5. Ashfaque

    Ashfaque Analogue Oud

    I prefer the oldest to latest order mainly because there is nothing straightforward about oud (other than the fact that we all adore it). So context, and details that are already being discussed are important for me before making sense of the overall discussion and if there is anything I can contribute that is worth sharing.

    Alternatively, if possible, let the user decide (from his Preference/Settings) whether posts are in ascending or descending order.
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  6. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    Right, I’m changing it back due to overwhelming demand...
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  7. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    I’ve just seen that it is possible for the user to decided by configuring user preferences. I’ll find out how this is done and include instructions.

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