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    This is my very favorite essential oil to wear shamatically and for its properties and amazing fragrance . Its also the most oud like non agarwood oil iver ever tried , if agarwood ever vanished god forbid there is always priprioca !
    Priprioca eliminates ama toxic deposits in the body and opens the heart to love !

    The GOWE variety ive distilling is a natural incense root tubor of aquatic plants near the Senegal River, also known as cyperus articulatus .

    Its south american version native to the Amazon, priprioca is a species of grass with little flowers at the tips. The roots of this grass form tubers, when cut, exude a sensual , fresh,sweet,dreamy woody and spicy fragrance.

    The roots of priprioca are the main ingredient of the enchanted scent baths used by Para in celebrations.

    The oil is very interesting for perfumery, because of its excellent olfactory quality and also provides fixation of perfume. The essential oil of priprioca presents in its chemical composition: caryophyllen oxide (4.6 to 10.0%), epoxid of humulen II (0.5 to 9.3%), alpha-pinen (5.3 to 8.6 %), alpha-cyperon (2.3 to 7.3%), beta-pinen (3.4 to 6.2%), trans-pinocarveol (3.2 to 4.4%), cipereno (1.1 -2.6%) 3. “The Priprioca essential oil is extracted though steam distillation from its tubers and presents low oil yield, only 0.2 to 0.7% in average.,about the same for hydro distillation as well which is what i have done . Its color is unusual, with an intriguing red shade (…). With limited production, concentrated in the north of Brazil, it is an oil that started to be used recently, but that has been studied since the 60s,the time when its dinitrophenylhydrazones were first identified. Its chemical composition is, in fact, very rich and presents a great variety of elements (…). Regarding its applications, despite being proved as antifungical, this oil is seldom used in therapeutic and aromatherapy.” Women that are pregnant should not use this oil .

    Off all my oils i prize this above all others for its ability to open the heart and let love in , it also attracts love and is a wonderful aphrodisiac. I like to wear it on a crystal over my heart on special occasions , prayers and meditations . So many times i end up crying and releasing all the pent up emotions . A true godsend for those that have built up walls to protect there hearts and need a little or alot of help to smash though the barriers .

    The scent is addicting , voluptuous, deep and sweet , almost oud like as it leaves its scent for others to enjoy. At such low yeilding percentage oils this one is not cheap though and there is quite a bit of labor and energy to bring this manifestation to life . Its also unique on the market , its the only one of its kind out there so if your looking for something new something mysterious to break the monotony of your routine look no further than this divine oil .

    There is a legend associated with Priprioca that tells us the story of a mighty warrior who lived in the heart of the Amazonian jungle. His name was Piri-Piri and he was famous for exuding a very attractive fragrance from his own body. The girls in the village would go crazy over him but he would disappear, vanish in thin air when he felt assaulted by them. One day, a young woman tried to catch him and asked her father for advice. He told her to cast a spell on him by tying his feet with pieces of her hair. This should be done during a full moon. When that was about to happen, Piri-Piri suddenly became aware of the danger and vanished in a cloud, never to come back again. On the place where Piri-Piri was seen for the last time, a plant grew. This plant released the same fragrance thet Piri-Piri was known for. Because of that, the people from his village started to call this plant Piripirioca, which was later shortened to priprioca.And if the young girl couldn't trap Piri-Piri for herself, we can always have a bottle of his scent to indulge and seduce ...

    40 usd a gram 67084963_10220116511609344_1479692211443466240_n.jpg
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    This oil really needs a deep respect if worn in high amounts it is very sedative tranquilizing and dreamy .It is also used as a calming agent and slows down the central nervous system. Perfect for deep meditations and to help one relax . I would not exceed a few drops on the skin though and would only take 1 drop internally , even that was a bit much for me so i prefer to have 1 drop in the belly button . This oil in Ayervedic practice is the number 1 eliminator of ama ,., toxic deposits in the body . The pechoti delivery method and priprioca will work wonders on your health and vitality .
    Belly Button Healing and Pechoti Method for Relaxation and Stress Relief
    The belly button is an often overlooked part of our body. But do you know that the belly button epitomizes the inception of life? It is, of course, the connector between an unborn child and its mother inside the womb. It didn’t take very long for Ilchi Lee, the founder of many mind-body training methods, to discover that the belly button is the focal point for sound health of body, mind and spirit.

    You may be wondering, how is the belly button so powerful? It’s all about location, location, location. The belly button is near the center of your abdomen and around your center of gravity. It sits over your intestines and major lymph nodes and blood vessels. And it’s near your vagus nerve, which is responsible for the rest and digest functions of your body. Unlike the rest of your abdomen, there’s little to no muscle behind your navel, which makes it the perfect access point to your belly. The rest of your body connect to your belly button by fascial trains that cross right near it. It’s also the entry point for the major energy center in your lower abdomen. Navels are very important reflexology points that stimulate your whole body. So how can you harness the powers of your belly button? One way is to start oiling your belly button. This is done through a technique called the Pechoti Method.

    What Is the Pechoti Method?

    The Pechoti method is an Ayurvedic method that involves applying a therapeutic oil inside and around your belly button. A number of different oils are commonly used, such as neem oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, castor oil, or essential oils of peppermint, cypress, clary sage, or ginger. One oil trending now is CBD oil (Cannabidiol oil), which comes from the cannabis plant. Choose one that’s right for your needs.

    The Pechoti intake technique focuses on the Pechoti gland found behind the belly button. This conceptual gland lies at the end of the umbilical cord in the womb and remains long after the umbilical cord has fallen away after birth. The Pechoti gland is connected to a combination of over 70 million nerves, tissues and organs throughout the body. Astounding figures, but yes, the Pechoti gland is a very powerful little thing.

    By applying oil to the belly button, you can stimulate your Pechoti gland into aiding many physical and mental illnesses. In Ayervedic practice, the Pechoti method has been used to relieve dry skin, joint pain, menstrual cramps and other reproductive issues and digestive problems to name a few.

    How to Put Oil on the Belly Button
    It’s simple: gently apply therapeutic oil in and around your belly button. You can do this by adding the oil drop by drop or by gently applying it with a cotton ball. It’s best to leave it on for at least 20 minutes.

    Your Pechoti gland will absorb the oil. When this absorption of the oil in your belly button takes place, you may sense physical and mental improvements in your body. You may enjoy oiling belly button benefits such as better eyesight, joint pain relief, stress reprieve and release of gastrointestinal congestion.

    Give it a try. The next time you experience stomachache, sore muscles or even menstrual cramps, apply a little oil to your navel, and watch your body find relief.

    Belly Button Healing does a lot more when you have the right mindset. You should always approach the technique with a desire to heal. This will release hormones into your brain and body that then urges them to heal themselves. In time, you will relieve your body of stress and tension, unleash peace and tranquillity and bask in life’s healing energy.
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    Facts and Benefits of Adrue
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    Adrue Quick Facts
    Name: Adrue
    Scientific Name: Cyperus articulatus
    Origin Africa, temperate and tropical Asia, Australia, north and south America
    Shapes Nutlet dark brown, 3-angled, shiny
    Taste Bitter
    Cyperus articulates commonly known as Adrue, Guinea Rush, jointed flatsedge, priprioca, chintul and piripiri is a species of sedge in the Cyperaceae plant family which include approximately 36 genera and about 128 species of Cyperus. Although native to the Amazon, piri-piri can be found in many other tropical areas and countries, including the southern United States, Africa, Asia, Australia, and across the South American continent. It can be found growing alongside the Nile River in Africa just as it grows alongside the Amazon River in South America.
    It is used by the cosmetic industry, and increasingly as a flavoring for food. The root is used to make medicine. It is used to stop vomiting and to treat digestion problems including nausea, colic, and gas. It is also used as a calming agent (sedative).

    Plant Description

    Adrue is perennial rhizomatous sedge that grows over 6 feet (2 meters) in height. The plant is found growing in ponds, ditches, rivers, marshes, lakes and banks of canals of shallow water. It also occurs in still or weakly running water, sometimes alternatively fresh and salted water. It forms great reed marsh on temporary unflooded soils. It prefers moist or wet soil and can grow in water. It grows in clumps from dividing rhizomes which are about 2 cm long and 1.5 cm in diameter. The stems are fibrous, cylindrical, hollow and can be as large as 3/4 of an inch (2 cm) in diameter at the base. The stem narrows as it grows upward turning into spiked blades of shiny grass, which range in color from bright yellow-green to dark forest green, and can project a purplish inflorescence under the right lighting conditions. During the summer season, the grass produces many tiny white flowers at the top of the stalk, which has been termed as being similar to the tiny white flowers produced by wheat grass.

    Its leaf blades are completely absent and it has scale-like involucral bracts measuring less than 15 mm long. The anthers are 1.0-1.5 mm long and the floral glumes are 2.25 to 3.5 mm in length. Piri-piri stems have sometimes been used like reeds in basket-making and other crafts by the locals in the Amazon.

    [​IMG] Adrue-plant
    [​IMG] Adrue-plant-growing-wild

    [​IMG] Adrue-Roots-collected
    [​IMG] Flower-of-Adrue plant
    [​IMG] Illustration-of-Adrue-plant

    [​IMG] Root-of-Adrue-plant
    [​IMG] Sketch-of-Adrue-plant
    [​IMG] Small-Adrue-plant

    Traditional uses and benefits of Adrue

    • The French Guiana Palikur rubs the pounded stem on the nose to control snoring.
    • The plant is used in the treatment of nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, intestinal gas, headaches, colds, flu, mouth sores and ulcers, and hypertension.
    • Externally, it is used to treat snake bites and prevent baldness.
    • It is particularly valued for its beneficial effect upon the digestive system and is commonly used to treat nausea, vomiting, stomach-aches, and intestinal gas.
    • The plant is anthelmintic, antibacterial, antiemetic, antifungal, carminative, contraceptive, digestive, febrifuge and sedative.
    • Plants are possible use in treating conditions such as epilepsy and convulsions.
    • The fresh rhizomes are ground up to extract the juice, which is used as a nerve tonic in cases of stress and nervous and mental disorders.
    • It is also used to treat and prevent a wide range of digestive and gastrointestinal disorders; to treat fevers and flu; to facilitate child birth or to induce an abortion; as a contraceptive; and for throat cancer.
    • Externally, it is used to heal wounds and treat snake bite, whilst it is also put on the head as a hair tonic and to treat or prevent baldness.
    • A leaf infusion is used for treating headaches; colds and flu; mouth sores and ulcers; and hypertension.
    • Whole plant is decocted to relieve nausea and vomiting caused from malaria.
    • The Sharanahua Indians use Cyperus articulatus to reduce high fevers, soothe upset stomachs, and induce sweating, which they believe expels evil spirits and disease.
    • Piri Piri roots are made into a tea to treat digestive aid, to calm nervous anxiety, as a sedative and tranquilizer.
    • The Karipúna-Palikúr Indians of Guiana use Piri Piri to treat the symptoms of malaria, and to help quell nausea.
    • It is also used as a hair tonic to help fight baldness, a treatment for severe flu symptoms, and relief for headache and migraine pain.
    • Native tribes in Central America have used this grass to relieve the pain caused by sensitive teeth and toothaches.
    • The Shipibo-Conibo Indian tribes from the Peruvian rainforests make a nerve tonic from the roots of the grass, which helps to calm epileptic seizures and psychological imbalances.
    • The Secoya Indians use the roots to make a medicine that they believe cures influenza, relieve anxiety induced stress and to calm frightened children.
    • In Africa, piri-piri is used for malaria, toothaches, headaches, diarrhea, indigestion and coughs.
    Other facts

    • Piri piri stems are used in making baskets, mats, sacks, and other crafts.
    • Essential oil from the rhizome is used in perfumery.
    • Rhizome can be dried or burnt and used as incense and as a mosquito repellent.
    • The plant can also be grown along the banks of streams to prevent soil erosion.
    • Stems are used for weaving into mats.
    • Fragrant, sweet-scented, tuberous roots are used for perfuming clothing etc.
    • Cyperus articulatus is largely pastured by cattle when nothing else is available.
    • Women cultivate the plant and bathe their children with it to prevent sickness and injury, and give it to their husbands to bring good luck in hunting and fishing.

    • Avoid use during pregnancy and breast feeding.
    • Avoid in individuals with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to jointed flats edge or any members of the Cyperaecae family.
    • Use caution if driving or operating heavy machinery.
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    I know this oil may not be known to mosts of you but i cant highly recommend it enough for its health benefits , its heart opening qualities , how it attracts love into your life and its beautiful scent ! Once you smell priprioca you will love her dearly
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    Since ages, this method- applying oil in and around belly button- is in practice here, esp if nose gets dried and there is problem in respiratory system. But mustard oil is used. It might be new to the west.
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    Its new to me ! Ive been exploring it though a lot lately , with cannabis oils and priprioca/rose . Wonderful healing mix sooths the soul and body. The priprioca/talif rose is the highest frequency oil I have . Some ouds have a much higher frequency than even rose , but its very rare to find one these days .

    Energy, Frequency And Essential Oils
    What Do You Mean by Energy Frequency?

    Every object in the universe consists of energy and has its own frequency level. According to scientists, even a rock and human body has its own vibrational frequency level. And this frequency changes with the different state of mind. Frequency is nothing but the vibrational rates of your conscious mind. If you are able to increase your vibration, then you will come closer to the alignment of your life, and it will have a great impact on your mind,body and soul. A comparatively lower frequency level acts like a magnet, attracting negative energy. It will seize and capture your emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

    Therefore, for the sake of your spiritual growth, health and well-being, maintaining the clarity of your mind, you should know the ways to uplift your energy frequencies.


    What Happens With Low Personal Vibration?

    If one’s body and soul are in a perfect harmony, it vibrates at 62-68Hz. and anything lower than this is considered to be a lower vibration. It will lead to a weak immune system and health issues, as well as emotional breakdown also. You will experience issues in your relationships, rise in toxic emotions like pain, stress, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, etc. Your mind will then be the nest of negative thoughts, and you will be surrounded by negative minded people.
    Since ancient times, essential oils act as the wonder of nature because of their natural healing properties. They work as the personal vibration up lifter too. Research shows essential oils vibrate at a much higher electromagnetic frequency that helps to release negative energy out of the body, restoring both the spiritual and physical vibration levels, and promoting a better living.

    Do Essential Oils Raise Vibration?

    Since ancient times, essential oils act as the wonder of nature because of their natural healing properties. They work as the personal vibration up lifter too. Research shows essential oils vibrate at a much higher electromagnetic frequency that helps to release negative energy out of the body, restoring both the spiritual and physical vibration levels, and promoting a better living.


    In the above image, we can see the frequency levels of various essential oils and the impact when lower frequencies invade the body and aura.

    “ Measuring in megahertz, it was found that processed foods and canned food had a 0 to 15 MHz.Dry herbs from 12-22 MHz;Fresh produce measured up to 15 to 22 MHz
    Fresh herbs from 20-27 MHz.Essential Oils started at 47 MHz and went as high as 320 MHz, which is the frequency of Rose oil.


    Our body and all the organs have their own frequency, here are a few listed.

    Normal Brain wave frequency is 72-78 MHz
    Visionary Range 120 MHz
    Bone 38-43 MHz
    From the neck down 62-68 MHz this is a healthy body normal frequency

    If the frequency drops just 4 points this is when a headache will start.
    58 MHz. Disease begins, Like the cold symptoms
    57 MHz Flu invades the body
    55 MHz when more serious problems come about like pneumonia,
    Epstein Barr etc.
    48 MHz is when tissue breaks down from disease
    42 MHz is when cancer can set in
    20 MHz death ** ( courtesy

    Clinical research shows essential oils, having the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, can create an environment in which microbes, disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. cannot live. Truly, the chemistry and frequencies of essential oils have the ability to help man maintain an optimal health frequency. It can help in getting relief from cold, stress, anxiety, aches, pains, have clarity, can help one cleanse and purify one’s space and much more.

    It is wonderful to discover that essential oil frequencies are several times greater than frequencies of herbs and foods. For years, research has been conducted on the use of electrical energy to reverse disease. Scientists in the field of natural healing have believed there has to be a more natural way to increase the body’s electrical frequency. This led to the research and subsequent discovery of electrical frequencies in essential oils.
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